Feb. 8th, 2015

myaru: (Twelve Kingdoms - Youko wha?)
Going to try [personal profile] imaginarybeasts again, since they have a theme that's relevant to my interests. Don't know if I'll actually submit, but whatever, it helps to have a deadline once in a while, and I've got plenty of ideas sitting around for this sort of story.


Since the last time I mentioned Dragon Age: Inquisition, I've managed to play about 76 hours and not get very far into the story! It's the shards, man. I spend more time hunting shards down than I do advancing my interests in any given region, although I do eventually get that done too. Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts is the most recent story sequence I've finished, and I suppose I've been hunting Samson down too... and otherwise I've been digging aimlessly in the desert for the last twelve hours.

Have I mentioned how sad I am that you can't romance Varric? Because I am. It's not fair.

The only other character I'm really interested in is Solas, and I was dumb enough to not build an elven character (for some reason - what's wrong with me? I always choose elves!), so he's not an option right now.

It's neat that they brought Corypheus back. When I played that DLC for the second game, I didn't expect to see him again.

So, uh... despite having a pretty diverse cast of characters to choose from, I've been using the same team for most of the game: Varric (and I will never, ever remove him from my party, EVER), Cassandra, and Solas. Although lately Vivienne has replaced Solas, and occasionally I use Dorian because he's so fantastic. Sera baffles me. Cole could be interesting, but I don't care enough. Not sure how I feel about Blackwall, but he's got some fun dialogue with Varric.

That ball in Orlais was so much fun. :D Wish I'd finished the blackmail hunt...

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