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Oh fuck, it's October.

Not that anything is happening this month-- that I know of. It's just... October already? Shouldn't it still be July?

Since July, I've managed to write one short story per week, for a total of thirteen so far. Some turned out to be scenes, rather than full stories; others are in-between, and I'm not sure what I want to do with them. At least two are keepers, maybe three.

I'll keep doing this as long as it lasts.

I tend not to talk about this because the last thing I need is someone commenting to the effect that "you should be doing this differently. I won't bother to ask what else you're doing, of course, nor will I ask any other pertinent questions, because you're wrong, and if you're not doing it the way I learned to do it, you're going to fail." While nobody has said it quite this way, it all looks the same from my point of view.

Maybe it's an irrational fear. But I don't need or want any writing advice, and people always seem to want to give it anyway. I'm sure they mean well.

Or maybe they don't. Did I mention that I'm paranoid?

Meanwhile, it takes a really long fucking time to reinstall Dragon Age 3. I bet it wouldn't have taken this long on Steam. :D I still need to finish my first game, but I want so badly to start another one up with a female elf so I can romance Solas! He's kinda sorta the only one I'm interested in. Cullen is cool and all, and I guess Dorian is pretty fabulous... but I don't really trust him, see. And then there's the part where I keep accidentally flirting with Josephine.

I'll admit to having a thing for Antivan accents ever since Zevran, but that's it.
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Yeah, what are we doing in October? I don't have any idea why this year is moving so quickly. Steam FTW.
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Since July, I've managed to write one short story per week, for a total of thirteen so far

damn, woman, that is impressive work. keep on keeping on.

also, cullen is a very fun/cutesy romance, but, y'know, pretty straight-laced and conventional. dem templar boys.