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This isn't much of a spoiler, but I'll cut anyway.

Tales of Zestria continues to be awesome. However, a large chunk of the Ladylake sequence was kind of disappointing due to Sorey having a dumb argument with his boyfriend Mikleo. And then Mikleo went off to pout for an hour! He wasn't there to make sweets for me, he wasn't there to contribute sarcastic commentary, he wasn't there to heal me... god.

But then the weird Shepherd--Seraph pact got 100% more amazing when Mikleo showed up at the Galahad ruins, became a sub-lord (weird terminology, but whatever) and BECAME ONE with his sweetheart-- I mean, with Sorey.


The second season of the Black Butler anime might be distorting my perception of this mechanic... somewhat.

Anyway, I've shipped this since the first scene, pretty much, so it's like all my fangirl dreams came true before I knew I had them!

I'm somewhere in the middle of the Marlind storyline, if anybody else is playing. It's about ten hours in, give or take. My play time is inflated by chunks of time that weren't spent playing because I had to leave the computer to spoil my cat. You need to spend at least ten minutes on this kind of thing, or he thinks you're not trying - and then, if he gets super into the attention, you have to spend at least ten MORE minutes admiring how cute he is, all curled up and purring, and nuzzling your hand.

Then maybe - maybe - he won't be insulted when I get up.

Pfft. Cats.

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