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Myaru ([personal profile] myaru) wrote2015-11-08 09:30 pm

For once, I'm trying to finish a game quickly...

Usually, when I reach the end of a game - the last dungeon, the boss, whatever - I put it down and stop for months. I have no idea why I do this, but I haven't finished either Dragon Age 3 or Tales of Xillia, and those were... ages ago. Yikes. ToX belongs to someone else, so I should probably get off my ass and finish it.

But anyway, for once I'm all ready to finish a game - Tales of Zestiria - and the game is determined to screw me out of this new resolve. For some godawful reason I cannot activate my mystic artes, and that's kind of important. Cruising the internet showed me that I'm not the only person having this problem, and it also told me there's no real solution, because plenty of other people are "fine" and "have no problem" etc. etc. What bullshit. I'm seriously considering just watching the ending, if I can find a Let's Play, and I'll just deal with the stupid commentary.

I fucking hate commentary when I'm seeing something for the first time. :/

What's infuriating is, I managed to do it three times on my first try, but failed the fourth. And you need four! Fuck you, Heldalf.

In any case, despite trying ten different times, I can't activate the artes, and I have no idea why. I'm doing the right combos, and hitting the right buttons, and I have the required blast gauge number. I suppose my timing may be off, but I tried it several different ways, and nothing happened.

I hate that you're required to use Mystic Artes, actually. Most games don't require you to use them, which is fine by me-- usually I'm leveled/equipped enough to make it unnecessary. Staking the success of the last battle on a button combo really fucking irritates me. What happens if your controller fucks up, geniuses? Goooddddddd.

Haven't been this annoyed by a game mechanic for a long time. :D

Well, aside from that, the last area is epic as hell. I'm happy with that part of it. And Therapy Cat makes almost everything better!

Hey hey, lucky me! I did find one without commentary!

Now I just have to finish the damn thing myself for the clear data.

The ending gets bonus points (like, 1,000,000++++) for the last little animated bit, there... :D Mikleo with long hair (what can I say, I'm STILL A FANGIRL, yes), and the implication he was reunited with Sorey?


Now I kind of miss the days when I wrote fan fiction.


... and this is sort of a non-sequitur, but Edna is amazing.

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