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Merry holiday.

Our bathroom flooded for Christmas. How's it going for everyone else? :P

For years I've been looking for a kidlit novel I read when I was younger. It disappeared with a lot of other stuff that I suspect my grandmother packed up and donated to charity without bothering to ask me. She used to do that when I was a kid-- wander around our house while she was babysitting me, gathering things she decided we didn't need anymore, and getting rid of them. My mother hated this with a passion, but I wasn't as aware, I guess?

Anyway, all I could recall of the book was that it involved a mummy, a triangular coin with eyes carved on it, and a statue of Anubis scratching at the protagonist's door, whispering, "Where are my eyes?" It scared the shit out of me! Couldn't sleep without a light on. You'd think these details would be distinctive enough for a Google search, but NOPE. Maybe I sucked at Googling shit, too, but whatever. I found it! The House on Hackman's Hill.

No wonder I couldn't remember the title.

I treated myself to a few hilarious-looking visual novels on Steam, and might even play them. A friend introduced us to Conception II, which looks too funny not to own, but also too awful to go out of my way for, so I'm not sure what to do about it yet. She's got the download version, so borrowing is, alas, out of the question. So I'm thinking I might console myself by playing Hakuouki, but am not sure yet which storyline to follow. Decisions, decisions...

Well, I may change my mind if/when I'm bored, but I probably won't do a year-end/new year post unless there's something one of you is interested in hearing about. At this point, it's all long-term goals about not torturing myself with expectations, and that sort of thing. It's slow going.
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Our garbage disposal decided to be leaky, so you are not alone. *chuckles*

As it happens, Conception II somehow managed to become my favorite JRPG of 2014, perhaps my wife and I played it side by side (me on 3DS, her on Vita) and had a blast cracking jokes about the game whilst playing through it. We ended up really liking it, as well as most of the characters (... except Narika), and we were able to set aside the parts we did not like about it (anime clichés, repetitive game play, etc.).
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It really is kinda funny that it's a waifu game that married couples can enjoy. Lucky accident, I guess.

Speaking of goofy VNs on Steam, I'd be interested in hearing what you've found, since that's one of my favorite genres to explore on there (and I have a masochistic appetite for the bad ones, apparently; it's the same part of my brain that gets into Mystery Science Theatre 3000, I suspect).
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Amnesia: Memories (which I acquired back in October) is considered to be one of the good games in the otome genre, though the anime is ... not. Frustrating protagonist.

*looks down at other comment*

Agarest: Generations of War is Record of Agarest War. I personally love the game (because it has strong female characters, fan service aside), but, like Conception II there are several obnoxious elements you have to get past to really enjoy it. The game play, in particular, can be repetitive and frustrating, especially since you have limited opportunities to grind (i.e. the game keeps a turn count, random battles use up turns, and taking too many turns leads to a bad ending).

Have not got Cinders yet, but I do have Whisper of a Rose. Recommend checking that out if you are looking at fairy tales-y stuff (and do not mind RPG Maker-style games).

Would you like me to add you on Steam, BTW? I'm Samuraiter there, too.
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I have been able to get through Agarest (on 360) without taking extra turns to grind, but it does make the required battles more harrowing. (Leveling is not as important as positioning, thanks to the semi-tactical battle system, but ... being able to take a hit helps.) Then again, I did not try for the True End, which has such specific requirements that it can only be done with the guide on the wiki. I recommend doing an as-you-like-it playthrough and seeing how you feel about it. Save frequently, pay attention to item drops from battles, craft at every opportunity, and plan carefully when assigning stats and skills.

EDIT — And you are added! ... You have blanket permission to make fun of my acquisitions if they pop up on your feed. I am not afraid to admit that I play a lot of bad games. *chuckles*
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Our garbage disposal decided to be leaky, so you are not alone. *chuckles*

Had to replace ours last Wednesday. Ruined some of my husband's technical manuals in the process. Oops.
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Yeah, we're going to have to get this one replaced, too, but we've been pretty good about not keeping anything important under the sink.
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Oh no, the water dripped down through the basement along the wall and onto my husband's work table. The actual area under the sink was fine. :/
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o_O That's a more serious leak than we had, then.
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Sorry on the flooded bathroom. It rained all day over here, so my soggy condolences for your tile?

Oh, what'd you get? I've got a Steam account. is me.

Yeah, I feel you on that. Good luck with your research and work! If you need Heian research options, I can show you some neat stuff.
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Oops, I thought I'd set it from private. Anyways, I'm Cat Party on there right now, and I sent a friends request.

those look fun :) Wait until you find the bundles sites! You can get 100$ of dollars of games for ridic prices. Soon you'll have as many stocked up unfinished games as Samuraiter and I do!

Oh man, I found such good resources lately! I accidentally ordered an extra of The World Of The Shining Prince if you want it. Also I found a pdf for The Catalapa Bow which I was super excited about. Bookfi had a ton of Heian books, actually. it's down right now, but I should have them around hopefully, provided they weren't all only on the flash drive which was accidentally destroyed.

One time when we aren't too busy, we should revive our word wars and whatnot we used to do. It'd probably have to be heavily modified for original, but it might get us to stop procrastinating on novels :P Heaven knows I'm bad at being distracted by other stuff when I should be working on manuscripts.
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I've got a Steam account.

(May I add you on Steam? I am, rather unsurprisingly, Samuraiter. Bartre icon and everything.)
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I already added you, actually! My current name is Cat Party.
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I don't know why that slipped my mind. Maybe because several of my Steam friends are serial name-changers, so I got you mixed up with one of them? My apologies.
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No worries! If I remember correctly, I added you when I saw you do a review (I think?) and never told you that was my Steam handle. And I've been changing my name dozens of times, so it's easy to get me mixed up.