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Did I mention I'm lazy?

I must've last played FE: Fates back in March, because I remember slouching on the couch with my cat and swearing every time the wind chapter (Chapter 24, I think?) kicked my ass. Then bad things happened. I stopped playing. Haven't picked it up since.

(Do not doubt, however, that I would buy this Camilla figure in an instant. Holy shit! Give me a handsome big brother Xander figure and you can just have all my money, manufacturer, whoever you are. Just take it. Take it NOW.)

So maybe I should finish the damn game. I mean, just thinking about Xander motivates me. :P I went through the trouble of buying and downloading Birthright in March, back before 2016 fucked us over, and that's $50 just sitting there on my sim card, waiting to be worth something. Conquest feels so much like an alternate timeline that I'm expecting Birthright to be more fleshed out, buuuut... they could both end up feeling incomplete. Wouldn't surprise me to find out neither game can stand on its own without raising plot/character questions that it can't answer.

Me criticizing someone else's plotting = hilarious, yeah. I know.

Somewhat related, Tellius illustration/guidebooks are now a thing, although it's hard to imagine this fact escaped everyone before I typed today's entry. I snatched the Path of Radiance book up the moment I saw it in Kinokuniya - because I still love Tellius, even though I also hate it so much - and Goddess of Dawn looks like it's going to be released in November.

I swear that date said October 25th last time I looked. Sadface.

Anyway. Uhhh... I started writing the real version of that Genis-kidnapped-by-Cruxis story from way back? I need to bulk up my word count, you see, and whenever I'm stuck on my personal projects, fan fiction makes writing feel easy again. That probably means it's shit, but whatever. Wish fulfillment ftw.
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[personal profile] samuraiter 2016-10-12 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)

You can get back into Fates! The power of Xander compels you!
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[personal profile] bonnefois 2016-10-13 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
Well, you've still got Revelations! Then you can marry Xander twice.
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Yeah, you're going to need to get a new card. They aren't too much, though. I think I paid all of 14$ for a 32GB one.
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Didn't bother with FE14 in part because it sounded like every dire prediction you made about DLC circa FE13 has already come to pass.
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Birthright IS more fleshed-out (honestly it does a better job of explaining Nohr than Conquest does, which is...sad) but it's still pretty incomplete. If you have Revelations you might as well go ahead and play it for the xander your money's worth, but I think you can just read the Birthright script online and be fine without buying it. Conquest had the better gameplay anyway.

I'm so here for drooling over Xander though; incorrigibly so. So I support your endeavours :P
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I agree that Birthright feels more complete, but I've made an observation that people tend to think whichever route they played second is better. Birthright starters tend to praise Conquest and vice versa. The game's biggest flaw may be that each of its halves relies on the other to do something important.

(And yeah, to build on what Kender said, it's kind of sad that you find out stuff like the basic living conditions of the Nohrian capital on Birthright...)

That said, totally agreed on the gameplay. Birthright's gameplay is on the weak side. Revelations is basically a giant gallery of unbalanced gimmicks and is not really worth playing. (You can just skip to reading from chapter 18 on for Revelations' plot, too.)
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I'm like the only one Xander didn't do anything for. :P He's a pretty good character, though, and you really have to play (or watch a playthrough) of all three to have an even remotely decent idea of what's going on. Even then? Full of holes. Boo. But it's still a fun play.
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Yeah, the RD artbook was delayed. Still, it's gonna happen! :D :D