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Eleanor may be okay, but she's no Edna.

Somewhere in 2016 all of my Photoshop brushes disappeared, and I can't remember where I got any of them.


Anyway, Tales of Berseria. I'm still only about thirty hours in, because I play in small chunks, and am usually only able to finish one dungeon/questline/section of story before I have to sleep.

I've been hating on Eleanor for a while. She's the type of character I normally like (I guess? I don't even know anymore), but she pissed me off early in the game and I spent the last twenty-five hours looking forward to the day her world would come crashing down. The game disappointed me on that matter; while she definitely has a few moments of existential crisis, her reaction to the shattering of her world was pretty okay and, unforgivably, made me like her.

Her speaking habits remind me of Natalia (Abyss) - who I liked - and she actually grows as a damn character, which I also like, but--I enjoyed the anticipation of her breakdown! This is scary evidence that my world view probably aligns more with Velvet's, hahaha... haha...

So, relating with characters in RPGs is never a huge thing for me. The character's gender is irrelevant in most cases, especially as I get older, although if I have the choice of a female main, I'd rather. The bigger problem (as far as relating to characters in games goes) is that stories about a bunch of kids saving the world actually aren't a thing I relate to anymore. But I seem to be relating strongly with Velvet, and attaching Laphicet to Eleanor was kiiiind of a problem for me for a little bit. :P

But Eleanor also annoyed me all on her own. It was the strength of her belief in the Abbey, which just--I hated that. It looked like blind devotion. Eleanor has since proven that untrue, which is probably why I can't resist anymore, and have decided to confess that I like her.

2016 was a harsh year. It must have flipped some unfortunate switches in my brain.

My thoughts on everything else are a mixed bag of randomness.

I really like Magilou's quirkiness. XD She's awesome.

The music is pretty nice, but only a few tracks stick with me after I turn the game off. One of those is the music for the Abbey training grounds, which was an interesting mix--slightly creepy, but also just a light touch, and I thought it fit the bill for an organization that prizes reason over human decency.

Not getting any pairing vibes out of this game. If I had to point at something, I'd say the most blatant show of affection that borders on obsessive romantic is Theresa/Oscar, and uhhhh... it's basically every Fire Emblem brother/sister-not-pairing-we-swear that I've ever seen. Not romantic? Of course not, they're siblings! Except that the body language really toes the line and all that. Oh, and it seems like Laphicet has a crush on Velvet. :D Think he's a bit young for that, but that never stopped fandom before. I don't even want to know where they might've gone with Innominat and Artorius....

(If they haven't gone anywhere with that, I will be seriously disappointed. I actually haven't seen them interact yet, but who the fuck cares about characterization?)

Gosh but I like all of these Empyrean sigils. I want some for wallpapers.

So anyway, yeah, I would write Theresa/Oscar. Or... think about it. I probably won't really.

If I were to write fic, I'd also like writing about Eleanor. Ffff.
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As I've gotten older, if given the option to choose things about my player-character, I usually go with the male option. It used to be that I'd invariably pick a female character, but I think I like a more laid-back option, these days. It's great to see a canon female lead, though, since they're still pretty rare in JRPGs. Now, if people would just stop bitching about Velvet's wardrobe ....

Agreeing with you on the soundtrack. Sakuraba's been at this for so long that I think he's getting tired. It was the same for Star Ocean 5; I just had the sense that he was phoning it in for a paycheck. This is a pity, since he used to be one of my absolute favorites, but even Uematsu had to pack it all in after a while.
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Feminism in Japan is real, and it definitely exists, but it doesn't carry over to Japanese media at all, I've noticed. The anime / manga and game companies are determined to market to the male shut-in demographic to their dying days, I suppose, barring the publishers who make otome stuff, and even they market to a specific subset of the potential female audience.

I'm all right with characters in my games showing a little sex appeal (see: Age of Ishtaria, which is full of it), regardless of gender. It does tend to get heavy-handed in Japanese games, but that's nothing new, and I don't really expect it to ever change. *shrugs* Even if they started getting more conservative in their design, I'd still write fanfic for them.
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Surprising I got the same thing... No real pairing in the series other than Teresa/Oscar ( which is creepy ) . it seems as if really all the characters have things other then romantic entanglements to think about which is refreshing
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HA. I was in the same boat. In fact, I didn't like her character at all until near end game. Eleanor gets a lot of awesome development though -- probably pretty close to the most in the cast aside from Laphicet. Her side quests are especially great! They really addressed the parts about her character I didn't care for.

Aaaand I have to say I'm so glad you made that FE comparison because my brain immediately went there upon their first interaction, too. XD