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I'll do Fire Emblem 10, since the Tellius games were like... the pinnacle of my FE obsession, I suppose. Next in line would be FE6.


1. The first character I fell in love with/was drawn to (gameplay/personality, where applicable):
Micaiah. She was competant-- she didn't die all the goddamn time Laura, Jill, Leonardo, EVERYONE ELSE. FFS guys, can you try to survive at least one hit each? That alone will make me like a character at least a little (and hate another one too much), but her conflict, especially in later chapters of the game, was really compelling. Moving on to Elincia in Part 2 was the biggest disappointment of my life, and I was fucking thrilled to go back to Daein and Micaiah and her willingness to commit war crimes in the name of a country and people she loved for some inexplicable reason. It made her interesting.

This might surprise some people. I didn't lose my love for Micaiah until I started liking Sanaki a lot more. It felt a little like I couldn't have both, but that's not why I went that way - just how I see the change in affection now.

And seventeen more... )
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I feel like I did this wrong. My selections are much longer than everyone else's. But if you're going to show a progression of any kind then shouldn't you try to pick excerpts that show more than one thing - like dialogue AND description, rather than just one of them? That's why this is long and probably tedious.


Some background:
I started writing online in June or so of 1998, right after I graduated from high school. It is also around this time I decided to write seriously. Before this, I wrote stories for my friends, or to keep myself busy over summer break, but it wasn't something I pursued with any intent - not even a hobby, because I didn't do it often enough. If I had time, I was reading instead. So yes, I liked to write, but until my senior year in high school, I also believed I was going to go to The Art Academy and train for a career as an illustrator. Writing wasn't even on the horizon! I wanted to paint book covers.

I believe my development as a writer really started in 1998, so that's where I'm starting with this meme. You'll see both fan and original work in the samples below, as well as some stuff that blurs the line a bit (e.g. stuff labeled DeM, IoM). I tried to choose work that falls into the middle of the quality spectrum for the time; in a few cases, I was able to get four consecutive years of samples about the same character and storyline, which... I'm not sure if that will help the exercise or not. But don't worry, there's ten years of other stuff to add variety.


Final Fantasy 7: The Battle Within )

Xenogears, DeM canon: Cyrene post #04 )

Xenogears, DeM canon: Cyrene post #14 )

DeM canon: Cyrene #18 )

DeM: Elanore #22 )

Suikoden: A Gesture of Appreciation )

Original: Blasphemy, part -1, or: A Matter of Human Experience )

Original: The Sealed Door )

Original: A Dance of Sparks )

Complicated provenance: A Clockwork Snare, chapter 1 )

Saiunkoku: A Wolf Among the Roses )

Original: The Lady of Primrose Mansion )

Original: The Golden Sigil )

Tales of Symphonia: Weak Link )

Silmarillion: Rival )


This took forever. :/ Not touching 2013 yet.
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I resisted this until I realized it IS different from the other million fanfic Q&A posts I have under my meme tag. I should probably have a tag just for fic memes.

I can't resist bandwagons.

1.) How did you get interested in fanfiction?
Technically, if we're really honest, I got into it because I wanted to write a Star Wars novel when I was thirteen. I had no idea fan fiction existed, but I started right in on writing my Mary Sue fanfic that I was sure would eventually get published.

If you count blatant rip-offs of things you like in the guise of original fic (since you know, the characters you're writing are totally yours, and not carbon copies of Cecil and Rosa with different names) then I started when I was twelve with Final Fantasy IV. My god those were awful! More awful than the first fan fiction I posted on the internet, ever, and those got sporked by people who knew better.

2.) What was your first fandom? Your first OTP?
I'm guessing Star Wars is the answer. But the first fandom I realized I had was Final Fantasy VII. I also shipped Cloud/Aeris. Shut up.

My first OTP was probably... uhhh, Grahf/Miang (Xenogears).

3.) Do you review all the fanfics you read, most, or do you prefer to read and move on? If you write, what's the best review you've ever gotten? The worst?
Depends. If I know the fandom, and if I've written in it before, I try to review a lot of the fics I read - the ones I like, since I don't believe in concritting someone's fic if they haven't asked. (Which is also a good way to start wank, so I just stay far away from that.) If I'm new to the fandom, or not really in it at all - Silmarillion, for example! - I keep my mouth shut and don't say anything. I don't feel comfortable offering comments unless I've written something for the fandom. I don't know why. Reviews would probably be the best way to get to know more people, but it feels wrong.

...and the rest. )

Unrelated, there's something I'd like to throw out there: even if I talk in an entry about being unsure, worried, or feeling kind of crappy about something - in a recent case, about writing - I'm not wallowing in woe and misery or anything. These days I think I'm bad at something only when I see evidence that I need to work on it (characterization!), and "bad at" is relative at best. I won't give in and cite the dictionary every time I use a big word, just in case, nor will I freak out about every post I make here on LJ - but I have flaws I'd like to work on, and one of those is speaking too much in generalities, which is why I want to be more careful about my entries.

I tend not to like talking in detail about my stories. My worries probably sound like they're coming out of nowhere. Fair enough, and I could be overreacting. But rest assured, I'm not crying onto my keyboard or angsting about anything once I've put it in print. The magic of LJ, for me, has always been catharsis of otherwise bothersome, brooding feelings that wouldn't go away if I couldn't put them onto paper and see how significant they aren't. Or, in some cases, how significant they are and what I can do about them.
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I need to feel like I know what I'm doing. This means I'm taking fanfic prompts again, because I sure as hell have no idea what I'm doing with my original work. What you're signing up for are short stories, ficlets, fragments, whatever I can milk out of the prompt. I make no promises the result won't suck. I'll aim to fill the first seven prompts for sure, though if I'm desperate you may not get what you signed up for. :P :P If anyone comes in after that... I'll try.

Give me prompts in this format:
1. fandom or canon
2. preferred character or characters
3. genre (eg. romance, gen, drama; also, for kicks: letter, treatise, hagiography, etc.). No porn, have pity on me.
4. sensory details of your choice (up to five)
5. a word, phrase, or set of song lyrics

Chose from the following fandoms, in no particular order:

Saiunkoku Monogatari
Suikoden III or Tierkreis (characters with reasonable screentime preferred)
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Legendia (main characters)
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Hikaru no Go (you know what I like)
Abe no Seimei legends (as long as I can look it up)
Greek Underworld legends
The Silmarillion (elves preferred I will shun Turin)
Last Exile (original series)
Twelve Kingdoms (very limited; Kei, Han because it's barely there, maybe En)

I will probably regret offering the last few because I don't know the canons/facts well, but. Trying something new, blah blah.

The only writing example I can offer newcomers is When in Harmonia, which I'm told is fairly interesting even if you don't know the canon it's based on. And I'll probably regret unlocking this, but Wild Mint kinda sorta retells a Persephone story as an exercise. :|

The timetable for this is wide open. Sometimes I end up finishing everything I get, sometimes I crash and burn before I reach the fifth response. And I never edit anything.

Example prompt:
1. Saiunkoku Monogatari
2. Reishin and Houju
3. gen + letter
4. tea stains, silk, roasted duck
5. village idiot

Yes, you can ask for the example. :P
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1. The series you loved the most this year?
Hmmmmm, I'm going to say Lord of the Rings, even though that only counts for the last quarter of the year or so. I feel more love for that than I did for anything else in 2011. And... that's kind of weird, because it's not like this is the first time I've read the books, seen the movies, or looked into the background of the story.

I guess it'd be more accurate to say The Silmarillion is what I fell in love with. I kinda sorta don't care about most of the Third Age, which is what drives LOTR.

Fire Emblem also technically belongs here, because I had a lot of fun writing posts about it and discussing storyline stuff.

And the rest. )

I keep missing weeks when I'm supposed to be posting prompts at [profile] awenish. Sorry, guys. :/ They're not a huge community activity, but I do like to be on time and all.

Soooo. The year hasn't quite ended yet. I still have time to try to make bread! I'm afraid tamales are out, though. Maybe next year.
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1. Meme stolen from a bunch of people on DW:
Here's [a meme] where I'll post the working title of a story, and the first sentence, for (some of) my most current WIPs. No pairing or summary info. But you're welcome to guess.

I'm going to ditch the first two and rewrite them, but the third one might work. Maybe.

The Quintessential Raven:
Naesala liked to remember Lillia white and pure like her namesake, a lone, pale flower greeting him amongst the greens of the forest and glowing in the light of the sun.

Not long ago Rafiel thought he belonged in Hatari; the rainforests breathed with him, sang to him, while the land glittered under the rains like the wolf queen's jewelry, gold, green and brown.

Michalis the Great
The full assemblage of the Whitewings numbered just over three hundred once casualties, desertions, and discharges had taken their toll after the war.

2. Trends in the world of mpreg.
It's always Legolas. You don't see Aragorn getting pregnant, or Boromir, or even Sam-- just Legolas.

My only question is: did this trend start before or after the movies? If it started before, that's fucking amazing. If it started after, I guess I can see why.

3. Sweet AND savory.
I made brown sugar rosemary walnuts, and they're pretty good. I don't even like figs, but man. Yum. And I'm sure it doesn't matter in the slightest that I used rosemary from our own garden, but it certainly smelled delicious while I was chopping it. Nothing beats truly fresh herbs.

Now I kind of wish I'd gotten some of those roasted figs from Zingerman's. Sigh. The things I could've done.

There's another walnut snack recipe I've been meaning to try, also, and these are making me want to get off my ass and do it... except it's asking for deep frying. :/ Deep-frying can produce some delicious things, but it's a pain in the ass - hot, first of all, mildly dangerous (yay, potential for splattering), and it makes things oily.

I can do this without oil. WATCH ME.
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1 - How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
It hasn't ever been about the fandom. If I decide to write fic for something - usually a game - it's because I love it so much I want to speculate about things that weren't touched on in the original. A lot of the time I also just don't want the experience to end. Fan fiction always, always starts with a love of the canon material. Fanon can be an insidious force of corruption if you get too attached to your ideas, though; I've always had a hard time with that, and it gets worse as time goes on because I dislike replaying or rereading things when I have so many new titles to catch up on.

What fan fiction turns into later depends more on the fandom, however. A few wankstorms can really ruin the experience. Sure, drama doesn't change the canon material any, but when you're used to talking about it or enjoying it with fandom, and when you post your stories because you want to share them with fandom, then a hostile or drama-prone fandom kills my motivation. Very quiet fandoms also kill my motivation, since I don't really feel like I'm "sharing" when there's no feedback.

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.
This will be slightly difficult to do for Xenogears because of my participation in Deus Ex Machina and Waves of Time. Those two groups had me writing dozens of story posts that were all related, but usually stood on their own. Some were co-authored.

Keep in mind I started in 1998, though the first two predate that.

a. Star Wars (~2 fics)
b. Wheel of Time (3 fics, unfinished)
c. Final Fantasy VII (5)
d. Xenogears (~230; without IF posts, still upwards of 60, possibly more)
e. Fushigi Yuugi (3)
f. Slayers (3)
g. Valkyrie Profile (19; counting the IoM AU list, 45)
h. Hikaru no Go (9)
i. Suikoden (57) - still write once in a while
j. Final Fantasy Tactics (4)
k. Final Fantasy IX (1)
l. Final Fantasy X (9 - 3 others unfinished)
m. Star Ocean 2 (2)
n. Star Ocean 3 (1)
o. Vagrant Story (2)
p. Escaflowne (1)
q. Dragonlance (2)
r. Twelve Kingdoms (4)
s. Inu Yasha (17)
t. Saiunkoku (31)
u. Fire Emblem (205) - kind of still writing
v. La Corda D'Oro (6)
w. Tales series (8) - still writing
x. Otogizoushi (2)

... 655. I hope the internet has forgotten about the first 550 of them.

Seriously, I didn't expect to use most of the alphabet for this list. Hahahaha um.

Twenty-seven more questions. )
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I should've put "in which Ashera is pretty damned hot" in the subject line instead, but figured that wasn't quite descriptive enough.

My biases really show, but there's not as much Sephiran as you think. :P )

Anyway, that's what you get for asking me what my favorite things are.

I tried to think of something meaningful to add, but considering the content of the entry, maybe it's a waste of time.

We tried to plant some zucchini this weekend, and some mysterious little bastard chewed the leaves off. As I know very little about gardening as yet, and we live kind of close to the hills, it could be anything as far as I'm concerned. But whatever it is? THIS IS WAR.
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Top Five Shippings Overall
1. Krelian/Miang (Xenogears)
2. Luc/Sarah (Suikoden III)
3. Lehran/Sanaki (Fire Emblem 10)
4. Youko/Keiki (Twelve Kingdoms)
5. Mithos/Genis (Tales of Symphonia), which hit me hard for some bizarre reason.

...and the rest. )


So like, while I think crazy AUs are fun, I generally do not write them myself. I lack something that makes these things work. And yet, today, while I was lamenting that the FE fandom still hasn't been converted to the truth ways of my Herons are Skanks theory, [ profile] r_amythest inspired the most awful (wonderful?) AU ever, and now I'm actually planning it out. What is it? The heron escort service.

Whyyyyyyy, why brain? Why did you seize on it? Why?

Anyway, so yeah. Guess what I worked on tonight!

Also, I'm reading [ profile] mark_asphodel's Starchild (currently at chapter four), and am planning on finally getting off my ass and reading the fics I have open at [ profile] nightflight12, among others by the same author. I've decided weekends are read-and-review days, and most serious writing will take place during the week. It might help to have clearly delineated times for these things.

Oh yeah, and I finally finished my damned [ profile] 30_kisses claim. It's nice to have that off my plate.
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1. Writing meme.
What do you want to see me start doing more of in fiction? (eg. origin stories, myths, romance, fight scenes, etc.)

What do you want to see me stop doing / do less frequently? (examples = same as above)

Let's avoid "write whatever you want!" because of course I'm going to do that. What seems useful about this is finding out what people think is overdone or underdone in your body of work.

2. Avatar: I know I should be more creative with pairings, but--
Zuko and Mai are like, made for each other. "You're so beautiful when you hate the world"-- I mean, really? Really. You're such a charmer, Zuko! You're better at pick-up lines than Anakin Skywalker, but that's not saying much. A monkey'd have cleverer things to say to a girl than Anakin would.

... I don't mean to say you're a monkey, Zuko. You're too awesome for that~

And you know, one could do worse than to be Iroh's hot young mistress. I'm just saying.

Ummmmm. I... don't have much to say, actually. We stopped after episode six (S3), and will probably marathon the last ten next week. The highlight of this run (for me) was the Ember Island episode, because seriously? Azula has Problems. She's awesome and kickass and really hot, but wow, way to pick up a boyfriend, princess. (I also feel kind of bad for making fun of Ty Lee now.) And when you're Fire Nation, nothing says "reliving happy childhood memories" better than burning someone's house down with your friends. That's quality together-time! (Also, hahahagod, the volleyball match! The strategy meeting! The 'how to pick up guys' scene! AHHHHH. I love you, Fire Nation! I love you so much.)

(Sometimes I think this would be an awesome canon to write or draw for.)

3. Other
I think I may ditch the Persephone fic again. The problem with it, as with any Lehran/Sanaki prompt I might take, is that there are almost no ideas I haven't already done or exhausted in my head. If anything new is going to come out of the pairing, it'll have to be from a mind other than my own. (If I continued the Chronicle, I would probably move it away from the pairing aspect, now that I think about it.) Though, it just occurred to me that Michalis and Lena would be a more interesting match if I felt dead-set on doing this myth in particular, especially since she shoots him down so hard in canon. :D

My book stand came in today, so I can finally finish Tigana and get back into researching. All the reviews said it can hold monster medical and law books, so if that's true, it should be able to handle Genji, or a history tome. (I feel like Genji is pushing it, but that's only because it's three inches thick.) I tried other ways of reading, but all they did was make me hunch or focus the problem on different areas.

Persona! Oh Persona~ I'm getting back up there in levels. Just today I hit 61 and took Raphael back. :D Gabriel is the one I really want, though. Gabriel and Metatron. Oh Metatron~
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Yeah, I give up. Content? Have a meme I yanked from [ profile] mark_asphodel instead:

1. How about a brief introduction of yourself?
I'm an angsty, elitist writer with no job - but I'm married and have a college degree. It sounds great in theory.

2. Fabulous! And what got you into fanfiction to begin with?
It is fabulous, isn't it? As for how I got into fan fiction, it all started with Final Fantasy IV and Star Wars, when I was twelve. My friends were my audience; they read my story snippets instead of doing their work in class.

And seventeen more. )

I have one more review to do, now, and I really should write all of Michalis the Great, even if it turns out stupid.

After the Review Santa project, I find myself trying to write much longer reviews. This is a good thing for the people I'm talking to, I guess, but it's just more of a deterrent for me to get off my ass and read more fan fiction. Which, you know... I'd probably profit more from reading pro fiction instead. I should get back to Murakami.
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Since I've written so little fan fiction this year - comparatively - I haven't bothered with monthly review posts. I need to procrastinate from Mary Sue Michalis and since we had our Christmas early, there's nothing better to do with my time but draw or do memes. May as well do a list and fill in all of that useless 'year in review' stuff.

A list of 2010 fan fiction. It gets sparse after March and its Spring Kink entries. )

The list of original fiction is much smaller: I worked on two drafts of the same short story (A Youth in the Garden of Eden), and wrote 100,000 words of a novel (The Golden Sigil), 60K of which needs to be thrown out. That's the one I'm putting down for now, but not, believe it or not, because of throwing that big chunk of words away. Also... huh. There were other pieces too. The thing about Turkey the cat, another about Raziel and Metatron, and... oh, "Dinah" and "The Magatama Necklace." So I guess the year wasn't so bad, but it also could've been better.

I may tack "Michalis the Conqueror" onto the end of the fanfic list, but at the moment I'm not sure I can get it done on time. The Lucius gift fic took a lot out of me.

Besides that, the biggest surprise of 2010 is the sudden return of my desire to draw. It happened around the end of October and resulted in eight pieces, two of which were sitting unfinished on my hard drive for years. Only four of them are currently uploaded, and the others are waiting for color (but I have a preview up to guilt me into finishing).

- Fire Emblem 10: Light of Creation (Lehran)
- Fire Emblem 10: Precious Memory (Sanaki + Art Nouveau)
- Suikoden 3: Sunlit Fields (Sarah)
- Fire Emblem 11: Princess Nyna

This is what I'm working on now, but I've hit the lazy stage - the part where I have to refine things and add details, and put in a real background - and have let it sit. It's the first Sanaki drawing I ever did - April of 2008, when I sat down to watch my friend play this game called Radiant Dawn and decided I really liked Sanaki's costume. I didn't know at the time she was only thirteen, so I guess the way I drew her might seem odd.

Today I sketched Rafiel. I don't know why either. You people playing RD? This is probably all your fault.

So anyway, 2010 was a crappy year for me. Most of it (February-May, October-December) has been spent beating my head against the wall of depression. Yay!


In other news, I'm finally taking a look at the Japanese script for RD. Why am I doing this to myself?
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A slightly more interesting and in-depth fic meme, yanked from [ profile] sailorvfan10:

It's long. The first few questions are a bit dull. )

I swear I'll reply to people soon. Persona 3 ate my brain, and when that's not eating my brain, my efforts to get writing again are. Those are kind of depressing though, so I'm not going to talk about it. If you're interested, my flailing has produced a fic based on FE3/11, Set Me Free, and another based on FE10, Edge of the World, which is very pointedly gen about Ike and Soren post-game, sorry. :P

After flopping back and forth on plot, I settled on something for the Nyna-is-too-invested-in-Artemis idea, and... I'm still stuck on L'Arachel. Good thing the Mary Sue deadline was extended.

Also, I composed and submitted several prompts for [ profile] fe_fest, which I figure won't demand any effort from me until next year, so why not?

Also, hahahahahahahohgod I have to start on my exchange art for real, now. I've been thinking about it a lot, and looking for reference and stuff, but haven't actually sketched anything.

Tomorrow is my real Thanksgiving. SAVE ME.
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Of course, most of what I'm writing is not of interest to the F-list. Have a meme: post snippets of all of your in-progress work.

I'm not offering original snippets because I'm paranoid like that. Anyway, there are too many of those. And this-- I had to dig around to find fanfic projects, because I'm just not doing as much of that lately.

Six works in progress. )

That's all I've got. What a change.
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There was a meme floating around that asked writers to make recs from their own body of work; this list came from that meme, and also the question, which of your own fics would you have people read first? Or, in other words, which do you think are the best?

Out of about 410 potential choices, I chose 20. My reasons vary.

Fics for: Fire Emblem, Hikaru no Go, Inu Yasha, Saiunkoku, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, and Xenogears. )

Criteria for the list included requirements like expanded world-building, characters, relationships, or themes not often explored in fic (whether it's mine or someone else's), and attempts to be ambitious about something, even if it failed.

Or maybe I just like them, deep down.
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Being the queen of procrastination that I am, I took the bait and signed up for that five questions meme that [ profile] samuraiter keeps cycling through his journal. :D

1.) How can I convince you to stay in 'ficdom? :-)
I wish I knew what was making me so apathetic about fan fiction, actually. Is it anger, or a lack of inspiration, or just another leg of my neverending fic slump? It's not like original work is so much more appealing, at the moment; as I mentioned a few entries ago, I'm in that middle-of-the-novel slog where everything seems like a bad idea, and finishing looks impossible. But I think part of what led me to this point was the belief that I wasn't getting anything worthwhile done while writing fic, and that lack of progress wasn't balanced out by fandom activity or reviews, or whatever. One of the nice things about fan fiction is that you know your audience, and generally you know what they want - beyond that, you have the freedom of exploring ideas without having to worry about all of the technical aspects (i.e. you don't have to create the characters). But if there's no audience, and you think you've written on the topics you're interested in... why stay?

It's possible Tales of the Abyss will do what Fire Emblem can't right now. The FE3 remake might make me revisit Macedon yet again, since it's my favorite place in that world. Maybe helping/cheering the progress of my Winternight and Minerva fic editing sprees would be enough. I'll need a reader or two, see. Can I bribe you?

I need to figure out how to balance fic with projects that I think will actually do me some good. That, unfortunately, nobody can help with.

Four more questions under the cut. )

I should post something about writing every day, because, ha ha, that's another piece of advice I hate, precisely because I do it anyway! Writing advice has been rubbing me the wrong way lately. I think I object to the way it's written - not so much the content itself. I'm hard to please.
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❀ Everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ List five of yours.
❀ Profit!

Huh. I don't think I have any fandom secrets - seriously. I mouth off about them all in public. It's what gets me in trouble 99% of the time. (1% of the time I get in trouble for yelling at someone - I'm bad about controlling that hair-trigger reaction. It's been on my mind a lot lately, actually, as that's pretty unprofessional behavior.)

Cut for length, embarrassment, or whatever. )

I know, I'm surprised I didn't mention fan art icons too. But I wrote a nice, long post on icon makers and fan art theft, so why repeat myself? :D

I'm contemplating that other meme - the one that wants me to answer eight questions for everyone who comments - but am not sure if I'm up to the task. We have a lot to do this weekend, and it's almost time for me to start slaving in the kitchen.

In other news, I feel slightly more inspired for editing that Minerva fic! Alas, my project for [ profile] fe_contest really won't be done on time. I'll make a note when it's finished, though, because I really liked the theme and wanted to participate. It just came at a bad time for me.
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Stealing this from [personal profile] gamera:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?

Fic too. I talk a lot about fics I hide later. :p


Now I suppose I should walk myself to exhaustion, then finish that entry for the contest at [ profile] la_corda_fics, since it's getting close to the line. Whoops? I've felt rather uninspired. I will also try really hard not to fail at [ profile] saiun_challenge this month, but I'm afraid the outcome is already decided.

Back to procrastinating! It's time to make banana bread - two kinds, as a matter of fact. We have five very sickly-looking bananas that need to be used. It isn't my fault.
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Stealing from [ profile] barrelgoddess for the purposes of questions #2 and #3, if you can bring yourselves to answer:

1. What do you like about my writing?

2. What do you think I should try and improve upon?

3. What new things would you suggest I try, stylistically/thematically?

4. What fandom(s) would you like to see me write for, and why?


I'd like to write more, but the ideas are still percolating. There was an interesting discussion on FE heroes and hagiography that made me think, but I guess I'm not done with that yet.

I've noticed, when participating in fandoms like Suikoden and Fire Emblem, where there are multiple games, sometimes in the same world, that I end up gravitating toward one or two in particular, and feel like I'm floundering in all of the others. In the Suikoden series, I "clicked" with the third game; in Fire Emblem, I clicked with the Tellius games. Despite efforts to write outside of these preferences - to the extent that I read scripts over and over again, pick through developer notes, etc. - I can't seem to break out of them. It's like I'll lack the confidence to write Elibe or Archanea fic forever, no matter how much I like them or how much I read about them.

To be fair, I suppose the other FE games just didn't grab me the way Tellius did, and despite loving Suikoden V, that one didn't sink its claws into my brain like III did. But it seems kind of unreasonable that obsession is the only thing that motivates me to remember facts or feel comfortable.
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I think half of my friends list has done this meme.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

Unquestioning acquiescence with an adoption request was typical of adult adoptees as well. One baronial house of priestly origin, having only daughters, adopted a son, but this engumi ended in rien (the severence of adoptive ties; also meaning divorce). Consequently, the eldest daughter, having already married out, was called back together with her husband so that the latter, deam of a medical school, could take over headship. Did he agree? "Me? I decided it would make no difference where I belonged."

--- Above the Clouds: Status Culture of the Modern Japanese Nobility, chapter two: Successors

In other news, I am a pathetic fangirl. Thanks to a sudden upswing in our finances, I was able to order a cheap copy of the PS2 version of Kiniro no Corda (La Corda D'Oro) so I can stumble through it with my degraded Japanese skills and comprehend maybe, uh, a quarter half of what's going on? Not that it's terribly complicated, but if it gives me dialogue prompts and I barely understand what's going on, the result is going to be hilarious.


The whole week is made of fail, really. I'm trying to resist the urge to bake something decadent.


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