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At the beginning of the year, when setting my goals, I took Nano off the list--again--because it has a record of burning me out for one or two months after the finish line, and that's counter-productive re: the "write every day" goal.


There's a yearly word count to meet on my goal sheet, and for the last two months, I have NOT been writing every day. I'm damn well going to meet that word count, so... there's some catching up to do, and Nano is as good a way as any to make up the deficit. Only problem is, since this wasn't in the plan, I also have nothing lined up that would work for a 50k word sprint. Technically you're not supposed to use something you're already working on, which I respect. However, as someone who tends to write long-form stories voluntarily anyway, I'm less inclined to follow the major rule, which insists you must work on a novel.


1. Come up with a new novel idea
Pros: this is the holy grail of Nanowrimo, and it's not like the story has to be good. I've got tons of one-liner ideas for stories.

Cons: even I hate working with nothing, and this is coming from someone who uses the pantser/Pratchett method of having a few cool ideas and wandering around to connect the dots while writing. Having "a few ideas" amounts to waaaay more guidance than you might think.

2. Use a novel idea/plan that isn't ready
Pros: there's more internal guidance for the story, as mentioned above. Doing this means writing something I already want to explore, so that's also cool, and I can get the connect-the-dots draft out of the way sooner. This way would definitely allow more thorough fleshing-out of characters and ideas I haven't been thinking about lately.

Cons: there are volumes of literature out there to invalidate a writer's assessment of their own work and whether or not it's ready, which amounts to, "Stop being afraid to start and just do it!" Sometimes the writer is right, though--it isn't ready. Starting before you aren't ready, legit, is a good way to stall and abandon a story, in my opinion. See: The Summer Chronicle. First of all, I started with a very vague idea. When it grew a surprise plot, that was cool! There was no planning involved in this, though; I got a long way in before finally stalling and writing myself into... if not a box, a situation where I did not want to continue because I hadn't adequately planned for one of my seat-of-the-pants plot twists. Is that story finished? Hahahah no.

That said, I was also kind of afraid to write Ashnard. So there's some truth to the "stop being afraid" thing.

3. Do the anthology-of-short-stories again
Pros: I get to write in smaller bites, and explore more than one idea.

Cons: This technically isn't an approved project type, unless Nano has changed. (Which is possible. I don't bother to look at the website anymore, because "Write 50k words in a month" is all I feel the need to know.) Also, this runs into the problem #1 has: using lots of story ideas that are ill-considered at best.

4. Ignore the rules and continue the current project anyway
Pros: no changes necessary right now!

Cons: This project definitely doesn't have fifty thousand words in it, which brings me to the problems mentioned in #1 and #3.

5. Use this opportunity to rewrite something long
Pros: This is much easier than coming up with something new; a lot of the work is done for me, and I have three projects like this sitting in the electronic drawer, waiting for rewriting. There are also long fanfic projects that fit this bill, if I don't feel like working on the originals.

Cons: Honesty is the best policy, and--I don't feel like working on that stuff right now. This kind of project can involve a ton of preparation and editorial work as well. I mean, if you're not going to seriously reconsider or re-plot or re-develop... why do the second draft? I think there's a good reason this isn't an "approved" sort of project for Nano.

I'm already late, so I need to decide by the end of today. Hmmmm. I'm leaning toward #2 or #3. I've done the anthology thing before, and it did expand my available pool of revisable work quite a bit, but... yeah, hm.
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18995 / 50000 words. 38% done!

Still behind, and may remain behind, but I won't be negative - I'd like to reach the goal, but I don't care THAT much, since I've gained a lot already. Sometimes I'll hit 2k words in a night, and then I have days like Wednesday, where I'm lucky to break two hundred.

This project is making me want to try old period recipes like potato pudding and warden pie. The first one has potatoes, so it can't be bad... right?
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10643 / 50000 words. 21% done!

Well, I said I'd post this weekly, so here it is. I'm a little behind because I missed two days at the beginning of the month and will probably not get the full count done today either. Fridays are always bad for me. But for not having done any intensive writing for a few months, this is good progress.

I know I've mentioned the story I'm working on, but I can't find the entry (and don't really expect everybody to remember), so I'll talk more about it when I have something to link. Or, you know... in a locked entry. Because I'm like that.

Too bad all the swearing I do in Castle Never doesn't count as writing. My book would be done!
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Since I've been very, VERY bad about getting work done the last few months, I think a dose of frantic word-scribbling is called for-- you know, to remind me why I love to write, and that I have it so good the rest of the year when I can take a day off now and then. :P Also, since I haven't been doing much, if I suffer from the normal burnout it certainly won't be a hit to my productivity, which is currently at 1%.

The only question is: do I do this the traditional, "official" way (by writing a single novel), or loosen it up a bit and decide that simply writing 50K words is fine, even if it's spread out between five different stories?

I never register at the site anyway. I just can't decide which is better. Both ways have their advantages.

Maybe I need a to-do list:
1. list all the stories I currently feel like writing;
2. do some loose outlines;
3. make some rough estimates on how much work they'll be;
4. pick the likeliest candidate to start with;
5. begin with that one and see what happens.

By the time I finish these steps I should know what I feel like writing.
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As always at this time of year, I'm considering Nanowrimo. Fifty thousand words is doable, if my former monthly average is anything to go by, and Measuring and I did nothing but race each other to writing more and more fic for two years. In fact, I miss The Gauntlet. :/ It was so much fun! I think friendly competition had a lot to do with my output that year. Hostile competition kills my motivation, but I tend to feel okay if the person who might kick my ass is a friend!

Anyway, the problem is, two years of doing Nano and then crashing afterward taught me that it's not a smart move. I think 30K a month was as much as I could sustain, and I still didn't hit that number every time, because that's a lot of words and a lot of consistent writing time. That was also fan fiction, in a canon I was very comfortable in - nothing like what I'm doing now. I don't have a fandom I can do that with anymore. (I wish I did. There's nothing quite like a comfortable fandom you can go to and feel at home with.) It was great for endurance, I guess.

That's kind of how I feel about Nanowrimo now: it was great when I wasn't really putting energy into orig fic, and needed a kick to get myself started on a big project, but now that I'm doing this stuff voluntarily and consistently (even if I'm kind of lazy about it), Nano doesn't seem needful anymore. Besides, the word boost I get by banging out 50K in a month is counteracted rather strongly by the three months of writer-hangover that I deal with afterward, which in my opinion defeats the whole purpose. One month of working and then three months of being exhausted just doesn't feel... efficient. I'd get as much work done or more by just plugging at my stories diligently for four months.

It's helpful that there aren't many people talking about doing it on my list! At least not that I can see. There's no better way to feel left out than to watch all your friends do Nanowrimo while you sit here and pick at a short story.


I'd be reading The Silmarillion faster, but LOTRO's Rohan expansion was released two weeks ago, and I've been too busy whacking things over the head from horseback to do silly activities like reading books.
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31757 / 70000 words. 45% done!

My new word limit - 70,000 - is a guess, but it seems about right. Look at my completion percentage plummet! I might get myself something at 40K as a concession gift to make up for this. >_> I've been eyeing Carol Berg's Transformation, as I hear the trilogy starting with that novel is really good; this would also be a good time to grab one or two Trinity Blood novels, but I might save that for the very end, and just grab one entire arc, which I believe is six books. I have #4 of Rage Against the Moons, so that'd be a nice one to start out with. I also have my eye on Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven, because I'd like to see what people are doing with Chinese settings in fantasy - and, if necessary, see how they FAIL MISERABLY, but let's hope not.

If I had the choice, I'd grab People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction & Fantasy because it sounds awesome, but it doesn't come out until December. ;_;


Nanowrimo is out for me this year. While it does spur me to new heights of writing and word counts every year, it also makes me crash for two months after the challenge is over, which means for every fifty thousand word sprint I take in one month, two more months pass when I might write only five or ten thousand - if at all. I don't think it's a smart choice for me. I know it'll kill my productivity and burn me out, so it's not worth the rush.

Too bad. I'll feel left out.

We - myself, Zach - were talking about first drafts and how I write them, the other day, because it was on my brain; I've been looking at this first novel draft and realizing, as I write, that my pacing is really bad for the stretch that I just went through because I spend equal amounts of time and text on everything. This is something I'll have to note for myself now and fix later, along with all of my other notes: I need to pay more attention to clergy ranking, need to research bows, need to sit down and make a final, once-and-for-all chart of which archons do what, according to which runes, and stick with it.

While thinking about that, I realized that this part of the novel project is moving much faster, more smoothly. My average daily addition to the first part was around 900 words; my average this time is 1500 for real, not just in theory. I feel more comfortable with the characters. I've reached the part where I actually know what happens in more detail, as this part of my ancient story outline (hahahaha written in 1999 hahahaha) is much clearer than what happened at the beginning-- and, for that matter, what will happen after this stretch of storyline.

So, we were observing that I write my first short story drafts with really thick prose - I pack everything I possibly can in there, down to what kind of wood is in the walls and what kind of fabric so-and-so is wearing, because the entire time I'm writing, I'm thinking up details and possibilities that just didn't come to me in the outline stage, even if my outline is really detailed. Reading one of my first drafts can be tiring because of this. It's why I don't give them to Zach to read anymore; inevitably he'll come back at me with a criticism of my pacing, characterization, or my huge blocks of details, and that's fine - he's right. But I didn't put them there because they were going to be part of the final product. They're in there because I need to know what I was thinking when I do my second draft.

I've worked hard to convince myself that it's okay to write crappy first drafts. Some of you have known me for a decade or more - I bet you remember when I would angst over every sentence I wrote, tell you what a terrible writer I was, and spend a month writing a thousand words of fanfic. I put horrible pressure on myself to complete a perfect first draft every time I wrote, and as a result I almost never wrote anything. It also hurt more when someone came back at me with criticism. I wasn't willing to write more than one draft because I thought that if I didn't get it right the first time, I'd wasted my effort and should move on to the next project.

Needless to say, that's an unhealthy mindset. From 2004 until now, I've tried and tried to convince myself it's okay to rewrite, to have a rough draft that infodumps every other paragraph, to use placeholder dialogue if I can't think of the right thing to say this minute, and I think I've succeeded. What this means now is that I have to protect my first drafts. I can't let anybody read them. I will have no proof for my family that I've written 110,000 words for this project at the end of it. If I give it to someone to read there will be critical response, and that's not what I need at the first draft stage.

But. I do know that I need to research bows, clergy rankings, Byzantine artwork, and varieties of apples. I know it sounds strange, but that should improve draft two drastically.

When I explained all of that to him, I came up with this comparison: writing the first draft is like playing the game; writing the second draft is like starting the fanfic.

It makes sense to me, anyway. Playing the game is all about learning the canon. Once I learn the canon, I know exactly what to read up on, what to make up, and who to write practice character/background snips about. He observed a long time ago that all of my attention to detail, which bogs down my first drafts, comes out beautifully in fan fiction because I'm using it for the purpose of the story, versus dumping it out of my brain and just leaving it there. I think he's right, and I've been trying to figure out why it works so well in fan fiction and fails so miserably when I start an original project. (I think about this a lot, because one always comes so much easier than the other. Why? What's the difference? Excepting the obvious, I mean.)

Now, maybe I know. I think it's a solid theory-- for me. The proverbial light bulb came on, etc.
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32960 / 50000 words. 66% done!

So today, I fell a little bit behind in writing because I was an idiot and turned FE4 on before I'd finished the day's word count. Lesson learned, I guess, but I did want to see if it worked, really. That's all it was! And then I got sucked into slaughtering Verdane, but I didn't get to finish the battle because dinner rolled around and people are like, helpless in the kitchen without me - or so they say. Ha ha, sure you are. Can you unwrap a frozen dinner and pop it in the microwave? Well, there you go!

UNF Eltshan.

... also, hooray auto save! I totally missed that option the first time I tried playing. That makes the game's multiple castles tolerable. Now, I should make sure that I can abuse it without consequences; some games impose penalties on their 'save anywhere' functions - the original version of Lunar II, for example, made you pay money to save at all, and the price kept hiking each time. WTF. Anyway, I've abused it so much during this battle that if there are penalties, I'm probably in trouble.

I still hate Aideen's portrait. I'm sorry. It's just-- ick. You can have her, Midir. TAKE HER PLEASE.

Someone tell me Deidre isn't the main love interest (in spite of Sigurd's ability to exchange money with her, which kills my hope, but-- but--). Their uh, relationship isn't starting off on the right foot for me. >_> Stupid cliche-- okay, okay, it's not fair to make assumptions. It's just, for a minute there I thought Sigurd wasn't an idiot, and then he ran into the magical girl. :P At least she's pretty? Sort of. As far as this art style goes.

The pairing system is really interesting in this game. I can see how it would increase replay value. I don't know if I'll play more than once, but - I said that about FE6 too, and look at me now. Ffff. Okay. Time to collapse.

Hmm. Maybe I should create game-specific tags for Fire Emblem.
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For quick personal reference. I'd keep everything open in tabs, but the internet is distracting me. Anyway, there'll surely be a day in the future when I'll want to find these again. For instance, if/when I lose my bookmarks for the millionth time.

Aldokkan: Architecture: Egyptian Temples
Layouts and definitions of the different areas of the temple and their functionality. I like this one best for its concise presentation compared to some of the others.

EgyptianTemples, part IV
A little less helpful because it lacks illustrations, but still useful. Supplemental to this is the Tour Egypt page, which has an awesome photo at the top.

Actually, the Tour Egypt page might be more useful, but I haven't explored it in full yet. I got derailed by Wikipedia's pages on Hatshepsut and Senenmut. Hatshepsut is always interesting because, in addition to her awesomeness for ruling Egypt by her own power, there's also the mystery of why her monuments were defaced so long after her death (instead of sooner, I mean, when it would make the most sense), and why the job was so sloppy, blah blah. I also read some interesting speculation about Hatshepsut being connected to the Moses mystery, but that really was just speculative - in the fantastic sense of the word - the last time I checked.

Her mummy is fascinating. I'm glad I got to see the exhibit about her at the DeYoung way back, too. But anyway. In reality, this isn't a great way to do real research, but it'll get me through a first draft. I have a book on Egyptian temples - there's just no time to read it right now. I want lists and diagrams.
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5814 / 50000 words. 12% done!

Gilgamesh's last moment with Saber is peculiarly touching. I think it hit me because it echoes the myth somewhat - or, rather, when he says some things are beautiful because they can't be obtained (paraphrased, sorry), it brings to mind the loss of Enkidu, and the following failure to attain immortality. Not that I recall him reforming at all by the end, but that's appropriate too, isn't it. >_> Anyway, Saber kicking him in the face is still hilarious. <3

Besides that, the moment giving me the most joy, for some reason, is when Lancer tries to attack Gil to allow Shirou and Saber to escape from the church basement, and then goes LOL SORRY MY HAND SLIPPED! :D :D :D I don't know. It's late, and I'm tired. My dice betrayed me today and made me work on a story I'm not enthused about yet. I made my word count, but still.

Soooo, anyway, it's a good thing the game lets you skip scenes, because the first two days are really boring! They're okay the first time around, but watching them twice in the space of... huh, I guess it's been a couple of weeks, but still. That's tiring. It took me a minute to realize I had to start the game over from scratch to trigger the new route, and when I realized that, I seriously thought of not doing it - with that in mind. At first I thought it'd be like a New Game+ or something obvious. The faq betrayed me and said absolutely nothing about it, and it doesn't explain something else I want to know either, so I'll present this question to you all: what's the difference between the "true end" and the "good end" for this route? Do you recommend one over the other?

I'll play different routes, but I don't have the patience to play any single route more than once. And this time it's not laziness, so much as a desire to get through my game backlog. FSN is a lot of fun, but I'm not that fanatic. XD
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Here's the deal: I want thirty fic prompts to use as an every day warm-up exercise during the month of November. I don't know about anybody else, but for me, it's getting in the mood to write that kills a day of work most often for me, whether it's Nanowrimo or not. So with that in mind, request (almost) anything you want from the options below. If we go over - unlikely, but you never know - I'll hold extra prompts in reserve just in case I need more inspiration, or want to switch something out.

1. Multiple prompts from one person are okay.
2. Try to stick with the fandoms I list, but we can step outside the box if you really want something.
3. No smut, because I'm terrible at writing it.

What to request:
+ Fire Emblem 6-11
+ Suikoden III, Tierkreis
+ Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, Silmeria
+ Saiunkoku Monogatari
+ Hikaru no Go
+ Xenogears
+ Otogizoushi
+ IF, restricted to characters I wrote or worked with (i.e. Illusion of Memory, Deus Ex Machina, Suikoden PPM)
+ something original, if you're feeling sadistic adventurous

Prompt List
1. Saiunkoku: a childhood moment between Shouka and baby brat!Reishin
2. FE7: Kent, Sain, "I can't believe you talked me into this." (Friendship.)
3. HnG: A Sai comeback, real, dreamed, believed, unbelieved; water.
4. Saiunkoku: Jyuusain-hime's diary entry from her days as a consort. [link]
5. FE7: Hector, Farina, "Now look what you've done."
6. Saiunkoku: young!Reishin, a moment that determined his decision to take Kouyuu in. [link]
7. FE7: Kent and Lyn, pastry. (Friendship or romantic.) [link]
8. Suikoden 3, Chris and Percival. [link]
9. FE7: Heath/Legault + Legault's bandanna
10. VP Silmeria: Alicia and Silmeria, fairy tales [link]
11. VP Silmeria: Phyress, Seluvia, Christie
12. FE9: Sanaki, Sephiran, Sigrun, Tanith, Zelgius; tea party, which Oliver tries to crash
13. Suikoden Tierkreis: Manaril and Sophia, sleepover
14. FE8: Seth/Eirika, fabric and/or textures [link]
15. Suikoden III: Sasarai and Dios take a trip for business or pleasure
16. FE6: Guinevere/Miledy, choosing Guinevere over country and lover. [link]
17. FE8: Colm and Neimi, friendship or romantic, reassurances/memories
18. Suikoden II: Annabelle (possibly + Viktor)
19. FE6: Percival/Mildain, The Etururian castle runs on one rule: 'Whatever Prince Mildain wants, he gets.'
20. FE7: Sain and Fiora, friendship or romantic, through thick and thin
21. VP Silmeria: sappy Rufus/Alicia travel fic around chapters 4-6
22. FE6: Percival/Elphin: "There's rumors about us, you know. I find it quite amusing." ... [link]
23. Original: character-driven, some random person and what's going on in their life right now.
24. Xenogears: Big Joe is epic
25. FE9/10: Sephiran/Sanaki, she asks about his old lovers (Altina, Zelgius, etc.)
26. FE9/10: Ike/Soren, tanglewood
27. FE8: Seth overhears girl-talk between Eirika and Tana and over-analyzes (+ blushing)
28. Xenogears: Billy Lee Black nuns with guns
29. FE8: L'Arachel and the victim of your choice, some kind of negotiation - "gross misunderstanding of the word 'compromise.'"
30. Suikoden III: Chris and Nash

31. IoM: Judas, Raeger, and Amenti's ancient gods

Don't worry about being new to the friends list, by the way. Requests from anyone are welcome.

Lastly: ask for whatever character/pairing you want, but keep in mind that if it's not something I normally write, it might turn out kind of lame. I'll do my best, though. If you request original fiction, remember that there won't be time to develop a whole lot of background or anything, and therefore it might also be lame. :D; But I'm willing to try and embarrass myself in public, so I guess that means something, right?
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Since this was written before stuff happened... sequel to the previous post on what I like in fiction.

So, first off... what I dislike most in fiction is usually something I love (detail, beauty, world-building) done wrong. For instance, both setting details and an eagerness to let people know how intricate your world is can destroy my enjoyment of a story if you drop page-long paragraphs of useless information on me. I totally understand when that happens in a first draft, as I fall into that trap myself, but when it reaches me in print, I'm irritated.

So, the list of things I hate that aren't "doing this thing I like badly in my admittedly biased and inexperienced opinion" is much shorter.

Things I hate in fiction. )
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Since all I can do is wait right now, I may as well do that exercise [ profile] sacae mentioned in her journal the other day, and list what I do and don't like to see in fiction. I'm writing this as I go along; while I have a preliminary list jotted down, it's the kind of question you have to think about. When looking at my first list, also, I realized some of the things I list as bad are actually okay when done well, and yet most often they're not.

This is pointlessly detailed and long.

Things I like to see in fiction. )

Maybe I'll make the stuff I don't like a separate list.


Nov. 30th, 2008 01:34 am
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HELL YES. Now excuse me while I crawl into the corner and die.

I'm not sure I like what Nano does to me. It doesn't quite kill the editing instinct, but it does push me into 'frantic writing mode,' which usually doesn't lead to anything good. How do I get out of that now? >_> I feel like everything I write from now on will be in the augh-have-to-meet-the-daily-word-count style. Writing [ profile] 30_kisses prompts for Nano probably killed whatever favorable light I might've shined on my OTP with other fic.

Anyway. The Chronicle might get some work now, just because I want to get to Soren's one-shot victory. I've been pining for that scene since starting this fi-- no, technically, since the fic grew a plot. I estimate that's around chapter thirteen, though, and I'm only on eleven.

Now... I hit 50K in the middle of a story, but I think I'd really like to wander around and not think very hard for the next hour or so. And I should really comment on some stuff at Dokuga, but I wanted to hit my count first.

You know, I neglected Sacred Stones for this. Now I finally get to play again after Milton!
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-- as of last night. I want to round it up.

I should probably use the last 4001 words of my Nano run for original work, but the need to revise Elysium 3 is nagging me. It'd really just involve adding a scene or two, as there are a few things I wanted to write about, and then forgot when I started cutting it up. (The Kilvas pact, for one. It was even in my notes, and slipped my mind.)

Unrelated canon question:

When exactly did Almedha leave Goldoa? The answer might be in RD, but I don't have a save when Nasir lectures her about it, and the script link doesn't have chapter four. Also, when was Soren born? I assumed he was ~15 in PoR, so he'd be a little older in RD, but I don't think they ever really tell you, do they?

I know this information is SOMEWHERE, because I've seen it before, but... I can't find it now. I tried. ;_; I just want to have the dragon timeline straight - not even for their sake, but because I have a Lehran fic that wants to be written.

It feels like Nano drained my brain dry. The ideas are still there, but the execution just gets worse and worse.
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Yanked from everyone:

What has surprised you the most about me (if anything) since joining my flist/"friending me"? Was anything completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you have in your head?

Post this in your own journal and see how you have surprised people!

So, today is better. Kind of. It's raining, which is kind of nice. (I'll get tired of it around February, but for now it's a pleasant novelty.) I need to get writing, though, and I need to start looking around at food processors. Since none of my teachers have replied to my emails, I'll just assume all classes have been canceled today too! La la la~

I'm considering putting last year's Nano fic (or was it '06?) on the fic journal - and if I do, it will of course be locked. Not just because it sucks, but because... because. It's just policy, you understand, to lock 90% of my originals there. Anyway, I might change my mind when I look at it and realize how terrible it is, I don't know yet.

Right, and this year's Nano: I managed 3824 words last night, so if I can keep doing that I might actually make it.

Now I've jinxed myself.
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So I just have to write fifteen thousand words in six days, and I'll be fine! Ha ha... ha.

The Suikoden Tierkreis trailer pulled me in, and now I'm debating: should I buy the new VP game now, or wait until December 18 and buy Tierkreis along with it? It would save a bit of shipping, and I've no idea if I'll have the money in March when they come out in English. I hope, but you never know.

There are some fascinating possibilities for who destroyed the 108 stars~ Or-- okay. It's really just one character I want to see responsible for that, because it's about damned time the paragon of order show his face in a game, in my opinion. :D Come on, most of the stars are dead. That's serious fire power. (Realistically it isn't, but the 108 stars are mostly invulnerable for storyline purposes unless you screw up during a strategy battle, so that DOESN'T COUNT.) Don't destroy my fangirl dreams. I don't care how likely it is. :P

The only thing more useless than buying one game I barely understand is buying two. And I'm going to do it anyway.

And then I'll finish PoR AND Sacred Stones, because I'm awesome like that.
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YAY, I'm not dead tired anymore! :D

Monday's word count: ZERO, FAIL, F-MINUS.
Tuesday's word count: 1464
Wednesday's word count: 2180

Just thinking about what I typed today (and worse, yesterday!) makes me wary that I'm committing many odious crimes against the grammar gods, who will surely retaliate in some horrible and unforseen way. But the bright side of doing this is that I'll look back at the story next month and see how to improve it instantly! And then I can feel like I've made progress. :P Or maybe I'll just be depressed. A and B are equally possible, but I'm hoping for the first one. This story will only be half done by the end of the month, and I want to feel like it's worth the effort to complete, and then to edit, so I can finally have a workable draft of something.

I've always cherished little hopes and dreams about publication, and I used to work harder toward that goal than I do now. I also had a lot of serious self esteem issues in relation to my writing, though (which some of my friends still roll their eyes about, I bet - poor [ profile] runegrey, having to listen to me rant about that so often). Nowadays I can get over that gut reaction of, "Augh, I hate this, it sucks!" and keep writing. This NaNo project proves that. So even if it feels like my technical skill has taken a nosedive, there is progress in other areas. And hey, I think I'm much better at world building, although opinions on whether said worlds would make successful stories will probably vary.

When Sylvana eventually reopens, I'll have a few original stories up, plus world building and concepts, just because. I've played with that idea for a while. It'll probably be just an idea for a while longer, though.


I owe much love to the 13th century Andalusian Cookbook, Anonimo Toscano, Libro della Cocina, Sephardic Israeli Cuisine, and Middle Eastern Cooking. While we're on the topic of debating the wisdom of certain writing decisions, I've got to toss in my two cents and say that, if you avoid writing about food in your stories, avoid it because poring over recipes makes you hungry. :P

Chinese Food Symbolism: Fruits - nice. My choice of apricots for this section of the story, all unknowing, was right on the mark according to this page. :P But they're not in China, so I suppose it doesn't count.

A more localized symbolism says apricots mean sin. Also appropriate, maybe, but not for this version of the story.


A very interesting post on avoiding LJ drama. A lot of his points are good advice anyway, regardless of how suceptable one's journal is to stuff like that.

Also LJ related: you can now be notified when a user uploads a new icon. I'm not sure I see the point. If you're that obsessed with someone else's userpics, you probably also have said person on your Flist, and will know when they make or use new icons anyway. (I guess if you don't care about the person's journal entries and are only interested in their icon skillz, this might not be the case, but then why friend their userpic page? Just... bookmark it or something.) This seems vaguely stalkerish, too.

The 'nudge' option is more annoying though, come to think of it. Not that anyone has prompted me to make entries (and in fact, I probably make too many), but what the hell? People should write LJ entries when they're in the mood for it, not when someone else thinks they should. It's not a job, and it's not an obligation. Here I thought fandom's overblown sense of entitlement was restricted mainly to webpages. I just don't get around enough, apparently.


... man, I wish most doll companies overseas gave me an option to ship UPS. I think I'd actually rather pay the extra money. ^^

And holy crap; if this means Joann Sfar will be at SDCC this next year, I'm SO THERE. :D :D (And if it doesn't? Well... damn.)
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Today's count: 1519

Looks like a change of pace was just what I needed. I feel motivated again. ^^

Psellus writes some hilarious history. XD
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Same as yesterday; I decided to use today for time to rethink my plan, and to decide how to begin the new phase of the story. It's sort of a calculated risk, because I can write anywhere from one to five thousand words in a day, but my average so far has been much less than that. I'll have to sit down during Thanksgiving weekend and make up for that. Until then, the best I can do is balance what I've been doing with the school work I need to get done. Such is life in November, I guess. I've made decent progress, so I'm not worried.

Also, because I've been putting this off for too long:


I want to take nicer photos, but that requires daylight, and it seems like I'm never actually up when the sun is still in the sky. :P

I'm not one to assign personality to beautiful works of resin, but he almost looks satisfied with himself in this image. He's going to have to move when I go to bed though, or he'll be staring RIGHT AT ME ALL NIGHT, augh. No. Creepy!

The wig is a limited run from Luts, which I ordered when their doll stands were out of stock. Of course one of the items I wanted had to be out of stock. -_-; On the other hand, he's got underwear! And shoes!

... anyway. /geek

[ profile] shadrad, sorry I disappeared tonight. There was an issue that had to be taken care of.


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