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I want to just eat these characters up, and not even because there's a character that had the nerve to remind me of Yggdrasil (although I won't say no to eating him up)...

The stupid pun is unintentional.

I don't know what to do about this. The feels, I mean. I've got ~3k words written of a story that may or may not even be decent (or creative), and the will to write more... or should I say, not enough willpower to STOP myself from writing more. For the first time in many, many years, the only way I can exorcise these ~feelings~ is by writing fic.

So in that sense, it doesn't matter if the thing is good. Once I get it out, maybe it'll leave me alone.


Anyway, the story... )

Yeah, I wish I had a more coherent reaction to the ending, but even if I write fic, I doubt I'll get back into ~meta~, so screw logical analysis.

Oh, but Magilou's story? That's also worth some fic. Goddammit.
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We're still playing FFXV, but--slowly, because it's a group exercise. Tales of Berseria is what I'm playing by myself, so y'know...

I only just started, though; I'm about 16 hours in, and it has already answered a ton of my questions about Zestiria. In a strange turn of events, I went to Google to find spoilers--specific ones--only to be foiled because apparently nobody is writing about what I want to know. Rude.

Aaaaand why would I look for spoilers? Well, Berseria came out about when I started my current class, and because my mind is speeding along, trying to make connections with Zestiria (and trying to determine if it's too late to write that search-for-Innominat's-history fic), it's really fucking hard to concentrate on reading and schoolwork! You'd think I would be better at this balancing act after such a long grind for my writing degree, but nope. Guess not. My brain is wired to resist homework.

Seriously, though, how's a person supposed to get any gaming done when life requirements like "be a functional member of society" and "don't fail your class" get in the way?

Anyway, Tales of Berseria = a happy place. It actually makes me feel fangirly.

I guess I'll have to use this hot Yuan icon until I can find one of Laphicet.
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Wow, rain. It's coming down hard.


Tales of Zestiria has a decently interesting world. It saw fit to explain very little of that world, unless I missed a ton of skits or scenes. Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing; it told me what I needed to know, and anyway, a world like this, with so many mysteries, is exactly what I would've loved writing fan fiction for. It leaves room for creative speculation.

One thing I would've liked to see explained further, though, is The Five Lords... )

In Zestiria's defense, I did try to finish the game quickly; I might've missed things. I tried not to, because I like completing things, dammit, but I had limited time. :/ I went for the prize, and didn't take the time to do the thing with Edna's brother, or the crucibles, so I dunno, maybe those explain more? (Although the crucibles looked more like gameplay challenges.)

So whatev. Either these are dumb questions, or the game needs a sequel, so I can buy it.
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Usually, when I reach the end of a game - the last dungeon, the boss, whatever - I put it down and stop for months. I have no idea why I do this, but I haven't finished either Dragon Age 3 or Tales of Xillia, and those were... ages ago. Yikes. ToX belongs to someone else, so I should probably get off my ass and finish it.

But anyway, for once I'm all ready to finish a game - Tales of Zestiria - and the game is determined to screw me out of this new resolve. For some godawful reason I cannot activate my mystic artes, and that's kind of important. Cruising the internet showed me that I'm not the only person having this problem, and it also told me there's no real solution, because plenty of other people are "fine" and "have no problem" etc. etc. What bullshit. I'm seriously considering just watching the ending, if I can find a Let's Play, and I'll just deal with the stupid commentary.

I fucking hate commentary when I'm seeing something for the first time. :/

What's infuriating is... spoilers? :P )

Haven't been this annoyed by a game mechanic for a long time. :D

Well, aside from that, the last area is epic as hell. I'm happy with that part of it. And Therapy Cat makes almost everything better!

Hey hey, lucky me! I did find one without commentary!

Now I just have to finish the damn thing myself for the clear data.

The ending gets bonus points (like, 1,000,000++++) for the last little animated bit... )

Now I kind of miss the days when I wrote fan fiction.


... and this is sort of a non-sequitur, but Edna is amazing.
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This isn't much of a spoiler, but I'll cut anyway. Mikleo, Sorey, and ~togetherness~. )

The second season of the Black Butler anime might be distorting my perception of this mechanic... somewhat.

Anyway, I've shipped this since the first scene, pretty much, so it's like all my fangirl dreams came true before I knew I had them!

I'm somewhere in the middle of the Marlind storyline, if anybody else is playing. It's about ten hours in, give or take. My play time is inflated by chunks of time that weren't spent playing because I had to leave the computer to spoil my cat. You need to spend at least ten minutes on this kind of thing, or he thinks you're not trying - and then, if he gets super into the attention, you have to spend at least ten MORE minutes admiring how cute he is, all curled up and purring, and nuzzling your hand.

Then maybe - maybe - he won't be insulted when I get up.

Pfft. Cats.
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Tales of Zestiria opens like it's the Dorky Adventures of Lloyd and Genis. I like it. :D

Wish I could play more tonight, but I have a killer headache, and I'd rather enjoy the visuals (the beautiful, beautiful visuals~) without getting dizzy... although that's kinda sorta appropriate for Elysia.

The music is fantastic!

This came just in time. It's been one of those bad days: nothing actually went wrong, but I feel horrible anyway. Awesome how that works, isn't it?

Yay Zestria! :D


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