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Haven't done a meme in ages...

I'll do Fire Emblem 10, since the Tellius games were like... the pinnacle of my FE obsession, I suppose. Next in line would be FE6.


1. The first character I fell in love with/was drawn to (gameplay/personality, where applicable):
Micaiah. She was competant-- she didn't die all the goddamn time Laura, Jill, Leonardo, EVERYONE ELSE. FFS guys, can you try to survive at least one hit each? That alone will make me like a character at least a little (and hate another one too much), but her conflict, especially in later chapters of the game, was really compelling. Moving on to Elincia in Part 2 was the biggest disappointment of my life, and I was fucking thrilled to go back to Daein and Micaiah and her willingness to commit war crimes in the name of a country and people she loved for some inexplicable reason. It made her interesting.

This might surprise some people. I didn't lose my love for Micaiah until I started liking Sanaki a lot more. It felt a little like I couldn't have both, but that's not why I went that way - just how I see the change in affection now.

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
Marcia. I don't even really know why, but I wrote a nine-thousand-word story about her, and kinda wish I'd had room and time for more.

3. The character(s) I really enjoyed when I was still learning the game:
Rafiel and Nailah - which isn't to say I loved them less later, because they'll always have a special place in my heart. They're sweet, and subtle, and represent a bridge between race/culture/blah blah I don't actually care about that last part, but it sounds good on paper. I mean. I care, I really do, but am more interested in fluff and nonsense fic about their day-to-day life together. /dumb fangirl

4. The character (most) everyone else loves that I don't:
Do The Greil Mercenaries count as a character-unit? (How about the entire country?) I couldn't give a shit about them if I tried. Sometimes I feel bad, but mostly I just get bored.

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
All of them. I know that sounds like a cop-out, so I'll try to narrow it down farther-- but it's true.

Probably... well, Micaiah counts. I loved her, and then I didn't, because it seemed for a little while like her birthright invalidated another strong character (Sanaki). Like, if she wanted the throne of Begnion, she could totally have it right now-- but she turned it down. While she acknowledges the strength of the current empress, it seemed the game did not. [1]

I'm not sure I'd get the same impression if I played it again. (It's doubtful anyone will pick a fight about this, but like... whether the game takes that stance or not - via the characters or some other way - doesn't actually matter to me, because I burned myself out on this game like a champ. All I can give you is a visceral, "well that's how *I* felt about it," and that'll go nowhere, fast.) In essence, it was character loyalty, which... meh.

[1] After giving it more thought, I think it might have more to do with fandom mood, reaction, etc.

6. Pairings that I favor:
Well, obviously I liked Lehran/Sanaki. The pairing that still does it for me, and always will, is Rafiel/Nailah. Lehran/Altina is classic (and it still irritates the fuck out of me that the one story I wrote about them still gets favorites, when I went out of my way to ratchet up the angst and make it bad). I like Ike/Soren, and think it's written so boldly between the lines it may as well be text instead of subtext. And Naesala parings are always fun.

7. Pairings I don't care for:
Let's see, I can mention the Greil Mercenaries again here, right? Oh... no? Uhhh.

Wait. Astrid and Makalov always irritated me, and always will. I feel a weird horror at the prospect of Pellias/Micaiah, but can't say I dislike it, exactly. I'd have to be in the mood for something tragic and uncomfortable.

8. Favorite characters:
Sanaki, Sephiran, Rafiel, Nailah, Reyson, bird, bird, bird, bird, Naesala, birds, birds, birds...

Astrid grew on me. Marcia. Sigrun and Tanith. I love to hate the senators. My feelings on Zelgius are mixed. Ashnard surprised me by being super interesting, but I don't know if that makes him a 'favorite.'

9. Least favourite characters:
I'll be good and not mention the mercenaries again. So: Almedha creeped me the fuck out. It's not even anything she did; the dragons really turned me off, actually. They're my least favorite characters, overall, excepting the characters from Gallia-- and I didn't dislike them. I just didn't care. Just... let's pretend the western half of that continent doesn't exist.

10. My deep, dark fandom secret:
I didn't have deep, dark fandom secrets. If I had an opinion on something, I wrote about it. If I thought I'd totally shag a character, I'd fucking tell you, instead of hiding behind an anon meme-- my hatred of which is also open, and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. So. This may be a good-natured question, but what came out of it, back when I was involved in the fandom, wasn't good-natured, or fun, or even logical. Associations are a bitch.

11. The character I would...
shag: we all know the answer to this question.
NOT shag: Valtome? I mean, that's setting the bar pretty damn low. So I'll put Ike here instead. He's not my type.
kiss: this is a difficult choice.
NOT kiss: Rafiel, and only because Nailah would kill me.
set on fire: ah, we found a place for Valtome!
wrap a blanket around: Rafiel again? Poor Rafiel. I want to smooth his feathers and give him cake.
push off a cliff: I'd push quite a few of them off a cliff. But: Lekain. I'd tie a rope to his ankle and let him dangle for a while, though.
hang out with: Nailah

12. Favorite/least favorite boss:
So, the next question/answer is going to end up boring, because the answer will be exactly the same. I don't have a favorite boss, but I do have a favorite battle: the final conflict of Part 3 made a real impression on me. It's more intense and interesting than any of the battles in the Tower of Guidance, but maybe that's just because I like making friends fight each other. :D

13. Favorite map theme:
See #12. That track was stuck on repeat in my head for weeks.

The FE series doesn't have much memorable music, in my opinion. /heresy

14. Favorite non-map tune:
I can't think of a single bit of music that grabbed me otherwise. The galdr of awakening, maybe? That also stuck with me.

15. The character you feel the most sorry for:
I'll be honest and say Lehran, but he totally doesn't deserve it.

16. One unit you always use in every playthrough, no matter what:
Pegasus knights. All of them! Every single one. I baby them until they're invincible, and then I use them to kill everything. It's amazing.

17. Give us an example of your personal headcanon:
Oh please, let's not go there. If you really, REALLY want to know, I've got world headcanon here, a ton of stuff on Begnion, Sanaki, and herons (I made a directory), and then this all-important announcement. Oh and the four hundred fics I wrote for some godawful reason.

18. Favorite / least favorite elements of the game?
I despise it every time a game locks portions of the script or story away based on difficulty level. FE games have great gameplay, but even when I enjoy that, the objective for me is always character and story, and being prevented from getting to those things makes me angry. :P

Character promotion was super gratifying, for some reason.


It's sad that thinking about this still stirs up negative feelings. Oh well. At least Xenogears and Suikoden have lived down the infamy of their respective fandoms... and probably my infamy, too. We can hope.
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[personal profile] amielleon 2015-12-27 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
It's probably a good thing that you stepped away before the second anon meme wank wave hit.
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[personal profile] hilow 2016-01-03 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
I always forget there were two and then I remember again and groan.
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[personal profile] samuraiter 2015-12-27 05:01 pm (UTC)(link)
I am not a Tellius fan, but it did give me Heather and Nephenee, and I am grateful for that, as well as some of the other characters.

Should do this meme today ....
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[personal profile] bonnefois 2015-12-28 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Aww, it's kind of bittersweet reading this and seeing that fandom totally tainted your love of the characters. I understand, but it's still a bit sad to see :(
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[personal profile] hilow 2016-01-03 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
It's hard not to let it happen tbh. I think my experience was more like ...fandom made me not want to engage the fandom anymore, and it ruined excited discussion of the characters.
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...Nailah/Rafiel <333 On the rare occasion that I check the FE archives anymore I always gotta search for shiny Nailah fic first...

Seconding leave favorite element. That presses my buttons too. I don't care how minute that locked away dialogue may be, what if I need it for fic repurposing??
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[personal profile] queenlua 2015-12-28 09:05 am (UTC)(link)
i think i told you this before but i adore your marcia fic. i have an odd affection for her and was hoping to find The Fic about her and you wrote it :3

p sure "birds" is the correct favorite character in all fandoms /bias

with the exception of a few p remarkable tracks, i agree with you on the fe music thing. my favorite game soundtracks, i'll be humming all of the tunes to myself for hours; fe only gets a few of those tunes.

the simillarion/fe meta cracked me the hell up you are amazing
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I, too, was never interested by the Greil Mercs. Still can't really put a finger on why; none of them are bad characters by any means. (Though Team Daein sure does seem a lot more dynamic in comparison, imo.) So I feel you.
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This is it, at least for me. I mean they're okay but they also come across as less interesting overall.
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[personal profile] hilow 2016-01-03 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
[Do The Greil Mercenaries count as a character-unit? (How about the entire country?) I couldn't give a shit about them if I tried. Sometimes I feel bad, but mostly I just get bored.]


[Astrid and Makalov always irritated me, and always will.]

It interests me but mostly the way Cordelia/Frederick does. It's a trainwreck.

[the dragons really turned me off, actually]

Basically the same tbh.

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Good. :P

It's kinda sad. I only was able to feel truly interested in a very small group of characters from Tellius. Titania was one of the exceptions I suppose. But I wasn't super into her or anything. I think I could get into her if I replayed the game? But other than her Crimea was pretty meh.