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Well, it has been a while since my last public post (not that I've been posting tons of locked entries, either), so I figured I should say something. The problem - as usual - is that most of my gaming time goes to Neverwinter or Elder Scrolls Online, and whatever time I don't spend on my job is spent either reading, or writing, or... I guess slacking off, which is the thing I'm best at. Don't want to clean the kitchen counters? Then don't! Tell yourself you'll do it later and watch ten cat videos instead. Once "later" gets here, it'll be too late, and you can do it tomorrow instead!

I used to talk about writing so often because I had fan fiction I could point you to. Without that... trust me, you don't want to see my early original stuff. If I'm having trouble with effective dialogue in an original short story, it's ten times worse because you don't have Naesala to drool over - you can't ignore my flaws. :P Also, I feel it'd be silly to continue the 100 Things series I started when I feel less and less qualified to talk about writing at all. Even my own writing!

That problem could be a post, actually, if I could only find the article I want to reference.

While I could get better at dialogue, my real problem is still effective characterization. I think plotting is right behind that. Even with a template I can't make it work, which inspires a level of sadness that requires too much chocolate and the indulgence of a sudden, violent desire to just go to sleep and forget about it. (Good chocolate is expensive! I don't make that much money.) Who the fuck needs plot, anyway? I'm reading a book right now that has no plot! What it has is cats.

So... what I need in my fiction = more cats.

Problem solved?

I'm seriously tempted to write the dumbest, most self-indulgent Tales of Symphonia AU ever, because Genis and Mithos are still in my head. After that I can write the second-dumbest AU ever, which I hereby dub "Mithos Owns a Goddamn Tesla."

I even have plots worked out. :P
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I feel weird and aimless without fan fiction. I haven't done much with it for a few years now, but instead of getting used to that and making it my new default, I just have periodic thoughts like "life would be better with some kind of fandom obsession," or... no, that's about it. Twelve years of doing fandom stuff will have this result, I guess.

Maybe I just haven't found the thing that'll obsess me for the next four years, and I will go back, eventually, though I don't plan on it; there were long stretches of time between Xenogears and Suikoden, and then between Suikoden and Fire Emblem. But... wouldn't it be so nice if the next thing to obsess me happened to be something of my own? I am working on my own projects, after all. (Slowly. Very slowly.) And twelve years ago (coincidence?) I was super obsessed with a project of my very own. It can happen! How, when, or why, though? Those are the questions I haven't answered yet.

What this makes me think about, however, is how I feel about my fan fiction years. Not bad; my fandom days weren't always drama-free, obviously, but I don't regret writing the fan fiction. In fact, I don't even regret writing stupid, repetitive pairing fan fiction, because I enjoyed it! And since the only thing I can count on getting out of fanfic is enjoyment (since money and prestige/a profession are out of the question), I see no reason to regret it. No, not even the heaps of Sephiran/Sanaki drivel I wrote. I enjoyed imagining it. I enjoyed writing it. I don't regret any of it.

So. There's that.

Maybe, after working on the "serious" version of my current story, I should write something stupid with the same characters. Or maybe I'll do that in the middle of the process instead. Everybody needs a break from wearing their Serious Face once in a while.
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It's really more of a reminder.

Eyeroll-worthy subject line: "His equipment will stay hard for hours."

Taking it to the next level: "My husband Mike stayed hard for five hours with this pill."

Lesson: establishing intimacy by introducing characters by name will encourage a closer connection between your reader and the story whether they want it to or not.

Also, choosing your point of view carefully really helps.

(It's astonishing how much more the second subject line disturbed me. I mean, I'm no stranger to spam flooding my inbox. :P)
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Seriously, it's annoying. It makes me want to cry. This is the one time I will wholeheartedly approve of vague descriptives like 'dark' or 'pale' for hair, or something, ANYTHING, as long as it isn't "bluenette."

For some reason I didn't encounter this until Fire Emblem fandom-- which is weird, because I've been hanging out in JRPG and anime fandoms for a really long time. I wonder if it's a recent thing, or if I was just lucky, maybe? Although, haha, it probably wouldn't have bothered me ten years ago. In fact, I'm not even sure I can say I wouldn't have jumped on the bandwagon, although I don't think so...

I've been listening to the Valkyrie Profile arranged albums lately (speaking of blue-haired characters), and am suddenly feeling really nostalgic for the original game. Makes me want to play it again. And then I think about those stories I wrote with [personal profile] mythicbeast, and how much fun those were (...and how easy it would be to file the serial numbers off Clockwork Snare, but that's neither here nor there), and I want to do more of that.

Also, the explosive Hugo Award bullshit convinces me beyond a doubt that just about nobody who reads in-genre will ever like my pretentious original fiction, but I'm okay with that.

Anyway, uh, been doing a lot of freelance work, hence the radio silence. Sorry about that.
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Going to try [personal profile] imaginarybeasts again, since they have a theme that's relevant to my interests. Don't know if I'll actually submit, but whatever, it helps to have a deadline once in a while, and I've got plenty of ideas sitting around for this sort of story.


Since the last time I mentioned Dragon Age: Inquisition, I've managed to play about 76 hours and not get very far into the story! It's the shards, man. I spend more time hunting shards down than I do advancing my interests in any given region, although I do eventually get that done too. Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts is the most recent story sequence I've finished, and I suppose I've been hunting Samson down too... and otherwise I've been digging aimlessly in the desert for the last twelve hours.

Have I mentioned how sad I am that you can't romance Varric? Because I am. It's not fair.

The only other character I'm really interested in is Solas, and I was dumb enough to not build an elven character (for some reason - what's wrong with me? I always choose elves!), so he's not an option right now.

It's neat that they brought Corypheus back. When I played that DLC for the second game, I didn't expect to see him again.

So, uh... despite having a pretty diverse cast of characters to choose from, I've been using the same team for most of the game: Varric (and I will never, ever remove him from my party, EVER), Cassandra, and Solas. Although lately Vivienne has replaced Solas, and occasionally I use Dorian because he's so fantastic. Sera baffles me. Cole could be interesting, but I don't care enough. Not sure how I feel about Blackwall, but he's got some fun dialogue with Varric.

That ball in Orlais was so much fun. :D Wish I'd finished the blackmail hunt...
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And everything I have to say is spoilery, but not very deep.

Onward. )

Eh, seemed like a good enough ending to me. I never finished the manga, and haven't seen the first series, so coming at it fresh, it's a great resolution.
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Well, 2014 was a shitty year, not even counting the trouble I had with writing. I'd like to say, "Glad it's over," only it doesn't work like that, no matter how much we like to think it does.

I achieved one of my resolutions early in the year (get a job), but have had trouble with my writing-related goal for various reasons. I believe I've made some progress on it, but... it's hard to measure the shades in-between. It's a mindset problem. I'm so close to it that it took forever to even decide something needed to be changed.

Another short list, but a long explanation! Oops. )

Any other goals I have would be tied up with things happening in real life, and I'm not going to talk about that here. Anyway, I know #1 can't be fixed easily, but it's still something I should be thinking about, so it goes on the list.
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Oh Hakuouki. Considering how much giddy joy you inspired in me when things are otherwise pretty shitty in real life-- maybe I should just play otome games from now on.

Excepting when I rewatch Saiunkoku, of course, which should have been an otome game, but somehow turned into a novel series.

(I'd play that game. I'd buy every expansion... >.>)

The Hakuouki anime presents Hijikata as the "main" love interest, and I'm happy to buy into that, although I think I like Saito a lot as a prospect too. Nobody familiar with the material is surprised by this, I'm sure. I suppose the game is more neutral, in that I couldn't immediately pinpoint anyone as a natural love interest, unless I count that moment at the very beginning in which the protagonist mumbles about Hijikata and cherry blossoms. If that isn't a big fat hint... but then again, it could've just been hinting at the title ("Demon of the Fleeting Blossom"), not his romance potential.

More, but only a little bit. )

Fushigi Yuugi! Hahahaha, another one that could've been a dating sim...


I haven't touched Dragon Age or Tales of Xillia for weeks. :/ I'd love to finish ToX in a timely manner, since I borrowed it from Lorelai, and I wasn't even close to finishing the first area in DA3, never mind the entire game. It's so easy to get side-tracked. I hear the environment/gameplay design is similar to Skyrim, which is actually a bad thing for me; I've avoided the Elder Scrolls games all these years in part because I'm not that interested in exploration. I do enjoy it to an extent; I like to see what the world is made of because I like worlds, but there's a point where I just want the game to tell me where to go so I can see more story, which is what's most important to me. So sue me, I like linear games sometimes. :/ FFXIII didn't bother me nearly as much as it did other people, for example. At least I wasn't running around for six hours trying to find shit and figure out if this was where I was supposed to go, or if I just got involved in something that didn't matter.

Yeah, I DID like the limited scope of the Dragon Age II setting. SO THERE. *shakes fist*

Anyway, still enjoying the game, it's just not ideal for me in terms of gameplay.

And re: FFXIII, I may not have minded the linear nature of the game, but I still can't make myself pick it up again when all I've got to look forward to is who-knows-how-long putting up with a party of Snow + Hope. Ugh. Unless one of them gets pushed off a bridge at the end, I don't know if I can deal with that.
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When I get sick I marathon anime. (Not like I can do much else, right?) This year it was Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Not that I have anything interesting to say about it, because this is me, and I'm sick, so we're lucky I'm parsing anything at all. It was pretty dumb to watch Rahxephon that way, last time, but being woozy on NyQuil gave it a sort of mind-bendy awesomeness that was really cool. So anyway.

[personal profile] seta_suzume has been writing/drawing comics about Kimblee for years, and until now I had no fking idea who he was; I'd see them labeled 'FMA' and be like, 'what? I've never heard of a character named Kimblee...' And having read only eight volumes of the manga, of course I would know everything about the series, am I right? But um, now I know who he is? And he's kind of interesting, actually. Also creepy (probably just the way he came off when bringing Winry up to Briggs) and off-kilter (i.e. every time he uses alchemy). I think I like him.

Also, General Armstrong? AWESOME. Roy? Hahaha, awesome. Riza too. This is one of those surprising series that gets me to like almost everyone, or at least find them interesting.

I would say Roy is my favorite, followed closely by Riza. (I would ship it.)

Alchemy is the most interesting thing in the series, which I guess is the point, but darn it, I haven't spent much time studying that. You know me-- a die-hard reference hunter.

A tiny bit more that's spoilery. )

I'm near the beginning of season 4 at the moment. Apparently Netflix doesn't have season 5 yet. :(


Life is kicking my ass right now.


Nov. 21st, 2014 02:18 pm
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1. Acquired Dragon Age: Inquisition. Still haven't played it.
2. Read The DaVinci Code. Conclusion: could've been worse (see: Twilight).
3. Almost done with Tales of Xillia. Just along for the ride, now.
4. Watched Alien for the first time, which was awesome.
5. I'm doing all opening shifts at work. Am either stupid or crazy.
6. Getting really tired of the email spam about my Russian bride(s).
7. My guildies are trying to make me play Assassin's Creed. Am resisting heroically.
8. This Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub recipe looks fantastic.

Also, I noticed the Xenogears Perfect Works on sale (legit?) at Kinokuniya the last time I was there, which potentially kneecaps my plans to sell my Saga Frontier 2 book for millions if it got the same treatment. Oh well. :p
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Every year I get lazier with book posts, but I suppose my opinion isn't essential information anyway! I mean that in a good way despite how it sounds. :P Ever since starting on LJ, I've felt I should be writing for other people, but this is half to keep track for myself, and half... feeling I've met some goals, I guess, which is also for myself.

If you're interested in my opinion after all, I'm happy to say something via comments.

Finished since March:
Junichiro Tanizaki, The Makioka Sisters
Yasunari Kawabata, The Master of Go
Erik Larson, In the Garden of Beasts
Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale
Suki Kim, Without You, There is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite

The Complete Guide to Article Writing
IBM and the Holocaust

The IBM book bored me to death, which is sad when its purpose is to reveal what the public (supposedly) doesn't know about how international companies dealt with Nazi Germany. I feel like it had something important to say, but in trying to construct a narrative out of it, the author focused on so many unnecessary details that the real story got lost. And frankly, the long, long history of IBM and its owners has no bearing on the real issue, which was their deep involvement with the deportation, imprisonment, and murder of Jews. Why not focus on that from the beginning? I realize we need to lay some historical groundwork, but it could've been more concise. The first several chapters were more like a really long excuse.

(Well gosh, I guess I had to horn SOME opinion in, here.)

I wonder if there's any point to getting a Tumblr account. I've considered it, but if this journal is any indication, I don't have much to say.
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Just got to the end of the Fezebel Marsh area, and... I have no idea what the fuck just happened. I understand the obvious, but then, what the fuck? :D

Blah blah spoilers blah blah. )

Maybe I'll have more of substance to say once I'm finished. And there is a sequel, which I suppose I'll have to play if this one doesn't piss me off. I don't know what it is about recent Tales games, but after Abyss, they've lacked a certain something for me. While I do love Rowen, I'm so far only a bit attached to my party - enough to like all of them, but not enough to feel their pain, if you know what I mean.

Maybe my standards are too high? It's entirely possible I'm judging too early, also. I'm probably only halfway through the game. And the one I was most ambivalent about (Legendia) took more than thirty hours to yank tears out of me, sooooo.
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The nice thing about Tales of Xillia is the cosmetic system, as it turns out. It's also fun, of course, but I'm only about ten hours in, and while some dramatic things have happened (Cline ;_;), I haven't run into anything big yet. My favorite thing about this series is that moment you get in every game where things turn out to be fucked up in some awesome way.

But in any case, as soon as I got those aviators... you know what had to happen.

Not my screenshot, but the magnificence is there for all to see.
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When I think of writer's block (that thing which supposedly doesn't exist), I imagine what I went through in 2010: a complete lack of motivation to write, an inability to string five words together in a way I thought was decent, and a trend in which everything I managed to finish was awful. This sort of thing understandably makes me stop writing for a while. It's miserable. I've learned not to hate everything I write as a rule, so when my mental state starts backtracking into that territory, I know something is wrong. It took me a while, but I figured out that stopping was the only way to get past this for me, personally.

There's also the sort of block that involves not knowing what to do next. That one sucks too, but I think it's the easiest to break through, because the problem can be solved by continuing to work on the story-- just in a different way. Researching, reading, discussing with friends (if you're not as paranoid as I am, see the last entry), and all that.

The one that gets me every time is probably a type of fear. Not fear of doing badly, or of what people will think, or of failure, or of success... but of thinking. At all. And then of putting that thing on paper.

Years ago, Arcana and I decided to co-write on a story about angels. I love angel lore. He had just read some related material. In addition, some weird combination of Star Ocean II, Angel Sanctuary, and Vagrant Story had me itching to write some Lucifer/Gabriel fic, which may (or may not?) sound strange to you, but it worked wonders in my head, I assure you. (This was a long time ago. A REALLY long time ago, mmkay. It's a bit embarrassing to talk about, or at least this particular fixation is. :P)

We both eventually stopped working on the project. Only, I would revisit the universe sometimes and write new snippets, because my obsession with angel lore hadn't ended, and I liked the characters we had created. I think we had a really good plot hook, too. So one day, probably for some daily writing challenge, I came up with this story about Raziel asking Metatron to go down to earth and be human with her for a while so she could do some research, and this turned into a thing where she really liked him, which turned into a, well, a THING, and then my brain shut down.

If you don't know, the body of legends involving angels makes clear that sex is a Very Bad Thing for them to do, and they're not supposed to have desires of any kind. Yet while Lucifer (Samael, in our story) and Gabriel didn't bother me, Metatron and Raziel did. Does Samael's status as a fallen angel make it "okay" to be in love and have sex and all that, even though Gabriel's stint as fallen isn't very long or serious, and therefore shouldn't make it more "okay" for her than any other angel? Metatron was originally Enoch, according to legend - a human. So he knows more about being human - and being in love, theoretically - than Raziel every could; is it the disparity of experience that made me uncomfortable? (Clearly not, considering some of the pairings I got into with later fandoms.)

What I'm getting at with this anecdote is that I still run into a block when I try to imagine this story. For whatever reason, I do not want to go there: I don't want to transgress on some imaginary moral ground and write about angels doing it together. It's like I'm afraid of what they'll think when they find out, even though I'm not 100% sold on their existence as independent beings. Even if they did exist, I suppose they wouldn't give a shit. Maybe I've just been indoctrinated by years of listening to my grandmother watch television evangelists, and some part of me is afraid of committing a mortal sin by writing two angels boinking. I lol just thinking of it that way.

It may sound stupid, but this is the strongest block I've ever run into. Nothing else is stopping me; I have the plot, I know the characters at least as well as the game characters I used to write about, I have the history of the world mapped out in all the ways that matter for writing this little story, and all I have to do is start typing.

If you asked me, I'd say no: I'm not religious. I don't think the Bible is true, any more than I think the myths about Greek gods are true. I believe in God because I want to, and because my family, brought up Catholic, put that little bit of fear in me that says I'm damned if I don't. But if that tiny fear is the source of my block, it's no wonder I have such a problem getting over myself. That runs back pretty far.

Some people are afraid of what their readers will think of them because they write from the POV of a murderer or pedophile. Me? I'm afraid of what imaginary beings will think of me for writing them into what is essentially fanfic.

I'm laughing, even though it's kinda sad.
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By 'creative community' I mean something like what we used to have here on LJ - a group of friends all writing about the same thing (Fire Emblem, Suikoden, whatever) and talking about the source material, inspiration, blah blah. Fandom was my writing community for twelve years. Without it, I find I write less often, with less devotion, and in general have a harder time finding motivation for anything.

I thought when I left that I didn't need fandom to drive my work. I've always written my originals alone, usually without showing them to anybody, so why would I need other people to egg me on? It's worth noting, at this point, that even when I was still involved in fandom, all it inspired me to write was fan fiction; original work didn't benefit by that sense of community at all. Measuring and I tried to jump start our original writing with the gauntlet challenge, but at the time I think we both pretty much ignored the orig-fic prompts (or at least didn't talk about what we were working on in response), and focused on the fanfic lists. It's what I wanted to write; it's what I felt inspired for. It's all I thought about.

Part of my motivation problem is obvious: I don't spend as much time thinking about my own stories as I did about the games I wrote fic for. The epic Summer Chronicle lasted as long as it did because the story was almost all I thought about. My pairing obsessions lasted as long as they did for the same reasons. When I walked to the bus stop, I thought about the Chronicle plot. When I stared out the train window, on the way to school, I thought about new ways to make a pairing work. When I sat around in the doctor's office waiting for my appointments (and there were a lot of those), I wondered what Tellius steampunk would look like and immediately tried to convert the game plot to the new universe.

I don't do that with original work, so it's no wonder I'm not burning to finish stories or write new scenes. No mystery here.

But: would I have thought so much about Fire Emblem and my related fics if I hadn't talked about them every night on AIM? Maybe for a while. Four years, though? Would I have pursued Summer Chronicle for years, tried to make it work even when I knew I had made a wrong turn at chapter fifteen-- all if I hadn't had someone to bounce ideas off of and encourage me? Considering the fate of my Elrond fic (not dead, but unlikely to move), I think the answer is 'no.'

Communication keeps me interested in my own stories. Or, at least, it helps me over the difficult areas of the process, where I might otherwise be tempted to abandon the project, or put it off. Talking to someone about what I'm working on keeps me thinking and moving. And you'd think this wouldn't be a big deal, that everybody knows this, that I should have known this... but it's difficult for me to trust people with my work, so for a long time I haven't bothered. This post isn't about "realizing" that I need a community; that has been clear to me for some time. Writing is a lonely process without one. You do need other eyes to examine your work and help you see what you missed. I even knew, without really thinking about it, that it was always easier to write with other people. The problem that needs solving isn't just finding that company; it's being able to trust them.

Yes, I do have that cliche fear that someone will rip off my work. I'm not the only one. I frankly don't care how realistic it is; fear isn't reasonable. But I have such a hard time trusting people at all. Take away the possibility of being ripped off and I still won't trust you! There are so many ways you can cause damage once you have the story: you can be the sort of reader/critic that tries to change everything based on what you like, instead of what the story needs; you might be the type to give only praise (which is no help, since I want so badly to believe you), or go the other way and cut everything down, under the erroneous assumption that the only useful feedback is the sort that finds problems without trying to solve them. You could be that poisonous friend who seems like she's rooting for you on the surface, but who actually harbors some negative feelings for you, and often only gives feedback that supplies unfavorable comparisons to herself; i.e. "Well, I made it, so you should be able to if you work hard! Do let me know if you need my advice, because I'm so far ahead of you I should know how to answer all of your beginner questions..." The only kind of praise I get from my family is backhanded, when I get it at all, so I'm pretty good at detecting that bullshit.

Don't even get me started on how people deliver their critiques. Or on the very important things people always seem to miss-- that stuff I actually need to know, since I think I've got the typos covered, thanks.

In short: I don't trust you. And if I don't trust you, how do I build - or find - a community?

My trust issues are epic, and in horrible need of therapy. Believe me, I know. But it's a chicken-and-egg problem, since, in order to get those taken care of, I need to start out with a bit of trust for the person who's going to do the fixing...


I'm really sorry I've missed replying to so many comments. I always intend to, and then time passes, and it seems too late. :/
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I feel the sudden urge to do two things:

1. replay Vagrant Story;

2. replay FFX (the remastered version).

It occurs to me that, of the canons I've written fic for, Vagrant Story would be the perfect setting for one of my other loves: angels.

Anyway. Like I have time. Not that it's ever stopped me before...
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I suck at keeping this updated. I suppose I should embrace this, considering how few of my current community bother with LJ, but. Guilt.

In any case, I'm still a guild leader over in Neverwinter, and the former leader is still eying me sideways occasionally (I can tell because the website has a list of 'recently online' individuals), and well, it looks like drama isn't much different between LJ fandom and game guilds. Ell-oh-ell? This means I don't post on the stupid forum "blogging" tool they give registered members - because I'm paranoid, not because I have reasonable suspicions. The drama is mostly imaginary.

(I think...)

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to say, and it isn't working. You'd think my job would give me more to talk about, right? But it's a better policy to just not talk about one's job on LJ. Ever.

Home life is domestic. It's really fucking hot, yet I turn the oven on anyway, occasionally, in the name of tasty food. I had to do it to make a crust for my banana cream pie with its layer of chocolate ganache (I think it'd be better without), and then I had to do it again to make a roast chicken seasoned with sage, lemon, and so much butter I want to cry (but which was absolutely necessary, no matter what anyone tells you). We keep meaning to clean the grill and use that instead, but well. Do you remember that story about the procrastination poster-- the one I never sent back for a replacement because I just never got around to it? Yeah.

But on the topic of that pie - custard is hard. Custard is something I don't have much experience with, so I don't know what to expect when I make it. This batch turned out well, but the first one I tried, a bit ago, cooked a liiiiittle too much. >.> And now that I know what's actually in custard I don't want to make too many practice batches.

The pie was actually a paleo recipe. I don't follow the diet, really, but the recipes I have are quite good, and this one didn't disappoint in spite of ingredients I thought would affect the taste negatively. For instance, I'm not a huge fan of coconut, and this recipe called for tons of the milk, oil, coconut flour... but after the first few bites it wasn't strong enough to notice.

(I made a coconut quinoa porridge once that I could not finish because the flavor was so strong. Ugh.)

Anyway, I had a ton of bananas. Something had to be done. Wasting food isn't a thing I'm comfortable with, so that meant pie.


In other news, I'm reading IBM and the Holocaust, and also The Last Unicorn. The latter is nostalgic, and the former... is not as surprising to me as the author seems to believe it should be, but more on that later.

I watched "The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland" for nostalgia. The memories started coming back to me about halfway through; I used to watch that movie all the time when I was really young, so some of the images and scenes hit me in the face with how familiar they felt. Surprisingly, it's still entertaining as an adult, too! Just not for the reasons it used to be. XD

Am contemplating looking up a Rainbow Brite movie, but... I'm afraid.
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I'm currently in the middle of Emma (Austen), and yes, still reading the Hirohito book. Will I ever finish it? I keep getting distracted by shiny - but related, I swear! - books.

This is why I'd make a bad researcher, and a terrible academic.

Actually, there are tons of other reasons I'd be terrible at academic anything, but we won't get into those.

Midnight in Peking, Hitler's Furies, etc. etc. Couldn't get through Mansfield Park to save my life. )
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I'm only about twelve hours into Bravely Default, despite having it all this time. I'm just not as dedicated as I used to be! And I do have obligations to keep most days, over in another game, which proves MMOs generally suck time out of better pursuits. :P

So I'm in Florem, which is like FFIV's Troia - all women, all the time, except when the occasional lucky man visits. Apparently it used to be a pious nation dedicated to revering the spirits, etc. etc., until recently, when it became obsessed with shallow beauty and, apparently... I guess that's a spoiler. I just finished the Summoner quest, so the little revelation about the fairies is what I have in mind. Read more... )

I just got myself over to the old tailor's shop before I stopped for the night. I'm guessing the owl dude in the Mt. Fragmentum cave is going to eventually give me a water summon, although I clearly don't have what it takes to survive that right now. (He wiped me out in one hit. Ouch.) I remember seeing another one like him - maybe the same guy - earlier in the game, maybe around the Wind Temple? Even earlier, maybe. :/ Guess I'll be running around the globe after summons - just like a Tales game!

I fricking love Edea, by the way. She's far and away my favorite character, with Agnes in second place, and the other two a bit behind her. She - Agnes - is a bit over-dramatic, and her naivete is played up almost too far, in my opinion, but Edea seems very independent and firm in her beliefs, besides having a good sense of humor. :D Her idealism is tempered by a willingness to accept reality - i.e. when she sees that Artemia and Mephilia are beyond redemption, she doesn't bother begging or screaming, but just gets to work and kicks their asses. Always nice to see!

Playing another game is quite refreshing. :/ If I have gaming time, I tend to give it to Neverwinter, since I'm kinda sorta obligated to show up. Lately, though, I've wanted to take naps more than anything. Screw gaming! It's hard work getting up at five every morning after years of no such requirement-- and I'm lucky, because I'm not an opener. I could be getting up at three. :P

Hmm. Buy Banner Saga, or don't buy Banner Saga... so hard to decide.
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The subject is misleading, as I don't have much to say about Bravely Default, other than: "it's pretty! :D" The 3D actually adds to the cut-scene experience. However, since I've only gotten about, eh, thirty minutes into the game, I can't comment much on the story so far. It sounds very traditional-Final-Fantasy with the crystals, but I don't know how far that parallel goes, or if it was even intentional. We'll see!

I miss my paid perks. I may actually shell out for DW/LJ after all. :/

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